The Zords of Power Rangers Wild Force, called Wild Zords, were fully sentient creatures that had existed for thousands of years (similar to the Galactabeasts of Power Rangers Lost Galaxy). They demonstrated more personality and free will than any of the previous Zords and can communicate with the Rangers using telepathy. These are the first Zords to use an auxiliary Zord system, in which arms and legs can be changed out. This would be seen again in Power Rangers Ninja Storm when the Samurai Star MegaZord becomes the right arm of the Storm MegaZord, Power Rangers Dino Thunder with auxiliary Dino Zords and Power Rangers Operation Overdrive with the DriveMax Zords.

Wild Force features the largest number of Zords seen in a single Power Rangers season, with 23 seen in action and another 4 distinctly named, for a total of 27. Its Sentai equivalent, Gaoranger was said to have 100 distinct mecha; while that number was never stated during Wild Force, it was later confirmed to be the same number. Wild Force is also unique in the interchangeability of the Zords, forming several different types of MegaZords and exchanging Zords between those different forms. Several of the forms of the MegaZords were formed by the Rangers putting together whatever Zords they had access to at the time.

The Wild Zords are controlled with Animal Crystals, small crystal balls that are the color of the Zord with an image of the Zord inside. The Rangers gain a Wild Zord's crystal when they earn its trust. Those crystals are placed in the Rangers' Crystal Sabers to summon the Wild Zords. If a Ranger lost a crystal, they lost control of that Zord. The crystal also represents the life of a Wild Zord, and if a Zord was destroyed, the crystal would then shatter.

Wild Zord List

The primary set of Wild Zords were as follows:

The other Wild Zords that were used by the Rangers are:

  • The Elephant Wild Zord, used by Alyssa Enrilé after being discovered in Ancient Awakening. He rams foes with his tusks and trunk.
  • The Giraffe Wild Zord, used by Max Cooper after being discovered in Wishes on the Water. He can use his long neck and horned head to bludgeon Orgs into submission.
  • The Black Bear Wild Zord, used by Alyssa Enrilé after Taylor discovered him in The Bear Necessities. He can launch searing heat rays at enemies and perform a spinning team attack with his brother, the Polar Bear Zord.
  • The Polar Bear Wild Zord, used by Max Cooper after Taylor discovered him in The Bear Necessities. In addition to his mouth-launched ice beams, he can team up with his brother, the Black Bear, and perform a spinning body slam.
  • The Gorilla Wild Zord, used by Cole Evans after being discovered in Soul Searching. He has tremendous strength, and fights enemies with grappling moves. He can also fires beams from his eyes that spontaneously summon oversized banana trees, which the Zord climbs on top of before throwing dozens of massive bananas at his foes. (A minor running gag has various characters getting pinned under a stray banana during this attack.)
  • The Hammerhead Shark Wild Zord, used by Merrick Baliton since Battle of the Zords. He has similar abilities to the Shark Zord, attacking mostly by biting with his sharp teeth.
  • The Alligator Wild Zord, used by Merrick Baliton since Battle of the Zords. He is the biggest of the Wild Zords, relying on his massive jaws and tail in battle.
  • The Armadillo Wild Zord, used by Taylor Earhardt after appearing to Danny in The Ancient Warrior. The smallest of the Wild Zords, it has a tremendously durable shell that allows it to be rolled, thrown, and kicked at opponents without harm (to itself, anyway). It is often used in sports-themed attacks; over the course of the series, it imitates a soccer ball, a bowling ball, and a pool ball at various points.
  • The Rhino Wild Zord, used by Danny Delgado after being discovered in The Ancient Warrior. It has strength comparable to the Bison Zord, but with the added ability to launch the Armadillo Zord off its horned head.
  • The Deer Wild Zord, used by Alyssa Enrilé after being discovered in Sing Song.
  • The Falcon Wild Zord, She is used by Cole Evans, discovered in The Wings of Animaria
  • The Lion Wild Zord, He is a piece of Animus
  • The Condor Wild Zord, He is a piece of Animus
  • The Sawshark Wild Zord, He is a piece of Animus
  • The Water Buffalo Wild Zord, He is a piece of Animus
  • The Jaguar Wild Zord, She is a piece of Animus
  • The Soul Bird, a bird sought out and used by all the rangers to repair the Zords, discovered in Soul Bird Salvation.

In the final episode of Wild Force, "The End of the Power Rangers Part 2", all 100 Wild Zords appear, many having been resurrected following their destruction in the first battle with the Orgs. Though all 100 are seen, only 4 are specifically named as their crystals are drawn to 4 of the Rangers.

Wild Force Megazord

As with all other incarnations of Power Rangers, the Wild Zords could join together to form a humanoid creature/robot called a Megazord. The standard formation in this series was the Wild Force Megazord. The Lion formed the body, the Eagle formed the head, with the Shark forming the right arm, the Tiger forming the left arm, and the Bison forming the legs of the MegaZord. The standard finishing move was the Mega Roar, where each animal involved would fire a beam that destroyed the enemy. A similar finishing move, the Soul Cannon, is used when the Wild Force MegaZord is joined with the Soul Bird where the Soul Bird fires a blast of energy and adds it to the Mega Roar from the other animals. This attack is only used a few times as mostly following this the Wild Force Megazord (when it is used) uses Final Strike where the Megazord would kick the Armadilo Zord at an enemy causing them to be destroyed. This is a very effective attack, as it was used to issue the Predazord its first defeat. Later, it was used by other Megazords as a final move, and was even effective enough to weaken the seemingly invincible Zen-Aku enough to be defeated.

  • Wild Force Megazord Sword & Shield Mode: the Elephant Zord is combined with the Megazord, forming a sword (from the Elephant's trunk) and a shield (the head). Its attacks were the Elephant Sword Cyclone and Pachyderm Crusher.
  • Wild Force Megazord Spear Mode: the Shark Zord is replaced by the Giraffe Zord. It uses the attack Spear of Pardolis.
  • Wild Force Megazord Double Knuckle: the Shark and White Tiger Zords are replaced by the Black Bear and Polar Bear Zords. It uses the attack Bear Blaster. Use of this mode damaged the Red Lion Zord, as the attack was too powerful for it to handle.
  • Wild Force Megazord Striker Mode: the Bison Zord is replaced by the Rhino & Armadillo Zords. Final Strike is its finishing move by kicking the Armadillo Zord three times charging it before kicking it one final time. Became the mode used most often after destroying the PredaZord.
  • Wild Force Megazord Predator Mode: the Shark and White Tiger Zords are replaced by the Hammerhead Shark and Wolf Zords and uses the Armadilo Zord. "Tornado Armadillo Spin" is the finishing move.
  • Wild Force Megazord Predator & Spear Mode: the Shark and White Tiger Zords are replaced by the Giraffe and Wolf Zords.
  • Wild Force Megazord Clutcher Mode: the White Tiger Zord is replaced with the Deer Zord. Its attacks are the Deer Clutcher and Capture Bubble.
  • Wild Force Megazord Spear & Shield Mode: the Shark Zord is replaced by the Giraffe Zord, while the Elephant Zord's head is attached to the White Tiger Zord.
  • Wild Force Megazord Spear & Knuckle: the Shark Zord is replaced by the Giraffe Zord, while the White Tiger Zord is replaced by the Black Bear Zord.


The KongaZord is a secondary MegaZord, formed by the Gorilla, Black Bear, Polar Bear, Eagle, and Bison Zords, with the Gorilla forming the head and body, the Polar and Black bears forming the arms, and the Eagle and Bison forming the legs. As such, it is in "Double Knuckle Mode" by default. Like the other MegaZords, Wild Zords can be interchanged for one another, resulting in the following combinations:

  • KongaZord Striker: the Eagle and Bison Zords are replaced by the Rhino and Armadillo Zords. Final Strike is its final move.
  • KongaZord Striker Clutcher: the Black Bear Zord is replaced with the Deer Zord, while the Eagle and Bison Zords are replaced by the Rhino and Armadillo Zords.
  • KongaZord Striker Spear: the Polar Bear Zord is replaced with the Giraffe Zord, while the Eagle and Bison Zords are replaced by the Rhino and Armadillo Zords.

After the Rhino and Armadillo Zords were discovered, the KongaZord often used these in place of the Bison and Eagle. This would allow the rangers to form both the KongaZord and the Wild Force MegaZord simultaneously.

Since the Kongazord has had more appearances with the Rhino attached than the Bison, many fans have speculated that the Rhino and Armadillo form the proper version of the KongaZord while the Bison and Eagle are in fact the alternative Zords.


The PredaZord is the main MegaZord of Zen-Aku and, later, Merrick Baliton. When the mask containing Zen-Aku's spirit was destroyed, Merrick gained control. PredaZord was formed from the Alligator, Hammerhead Shark, and Wolf Zords. The Alligator forms the head, body, and feet with the other two Zords forming detachable arms. As the Lunar Wolf Ranger changes allegiances from evil to good in the series, there are separate "Dark" and "Light" modes to this Zord. In Dark Mode, it can use the Predator Wave finishing move and has a closed wolf helmet with a horn on the top, similar to a Duke Org's horn. The Light Mode PredaZord uses the Revolver Phantom, a "Light" version of the Predator Wave. PredaZord Blue Moon used a powered-up Revolver Phantom called the Blue Moon Wave as its finisher. Both Dark and Light modes have the ability to change their arms with other wild Zords, although this has been only done in the series while in Dark Mode.

  • PredaZord Spear Mode: The Giraffe Zord replaces the Hammerhead Shark Zord as an arm.
  • PredaZord Double Knuckle: The Wolf and Hammerhead Shark Zords are replaced by the Black and Polar Bear Zords.
  • PredaZord Blue Moon: Created when the PredaZord faced the Toy Org and the other Wild Zords weren't there to help. The other Rangers used their souls to send the PredaZord more power, creating PredaZord Blue Moon. A blue version of the PredaZord, its finishing attack was the Blue Moon Wave. It only appeared once.


Animus is a god-like Zord similar to the Wild Force MegaZord that aids the Rangers. Animus was an ancient creature of good that had been killed long ago by the original Master Org. The reincarnation of Animus first appeared as small boy who named himself Kite after seeing one, but he later revealed himself in this megaZord form. He is the ancestor of the Wild Force MegaZord.

The Black Lion, Condor, Sawshark, Buffalo, and Jaguar Wild Zords combine to form Animus in his MegaZord form. Animus was twice destroyed by Master Org, once during the Battle of Animaria 3,000 years ago, and again in modern times in Turtle Cove. He returned to destroy Flute Org's Flute allowing the Rangers to call the Isis MegaZord to destroy him with the Deer Spinning Clutch. Animus is never seen morphing together with any other Wild Zords, though he presumably is capable of doing so due to inherent interchangeability of the Wild Zords. He wields a large bow and can use the Animarian Arrow attack. Also in the Soul of Humanity he returned after taking the Wild Zords away to fight alongside the PredaZord Blue Moon saying that he'd always wished to fight alongside Merick but had never gotten the chance to. In this battle he used a sword to strike and weaken an enemy allowing the PredaZord Blue Moon to finish it off with the Blue Moon Wave. Considering the fact that all of the WildZords were resurrected in the finale, including the Rangers' destroyed Zords, it's possible that he was also resurrected again at that time.

Animus is the first Zord who is fully intelligent and able to speak.

Animus was voiced by Charles Gideon Davis, and Kite was played by Ryan Goldstein.

Isis MegaZord

The Isis MegaZord is another MegaZord that can be formed through a combination of the Wild Zords. Unlike the others, the Isis MegaZord is capable of flight, thanks to the Falcon Zord forming the head and body; the Giraffe Zord and the Deer Zord forms the arms, and the Rhino and Armadillo Zords form the legs. It also can perform the Deer Clutcher, Giraffe Spear, Final Strike, and Isis Stare attacks.

Isis MegaZord Modes

Again, due to the interchangeable parts, the Isis MegaZord is able to change into the following combinations (among others):

  • Isis MegaZord Predator Mode: the Bison Zord replaces the Rhino & Armadillo Zord, and the Wolf and Hammerhead Shark Zords replace the Giraffe and Deer Zords. Also has the Gator Staff from the PredaZord.

In all the episodes of the series, the Isis MegaZord is the only megaZord besides the Pegasus MegaZord to never be defeated in battle. All the Zords that form it are desert based.

Like the Wild Force MegaZord, the standard Zords for the Isis MegaZord had weapons based on them, used by the rangers. The Wild Force MegaZord weapons created the Jungle Sword, while the Isis MegaZord weapons formed the Jungle Blaster. The Rangers never had to interchange Zords for this MegaZord until "Fishing For A Friend" where all the Zords but the Falcon, Bison, Wolf and Hammerhead Shark Zords were incapacitated. The Rangers formed Predator Mode in an attempt to make a MegaZord out of the remaining Zords and succeeded.

Pegasus MegaZord

The Pegasus MegaZord is another MegaZord that can be formed through a combination of the Wild Zords, and the first ever centaur-like MegaZord formation. This MegaZord is also capable of flight due to the Falcon Zord being a component. However, its main component is the Red Lion forming the legs. It comprised the Falcon, the Shark, the White Tiger, the Elephant, and a giant Red Lion. This is only formed once on the series to fight Onikage but the Rangers recognized it when it arrived so it must have been used before offscreen. In this instance the Wild Zords formed the MegaZord and came and fought on their own due to Princess Shayla's tears hitting her necklace causing them to be summoned. As the Pegasus MegaZord they destroyed the Org Spirits by striking each with the Elephant Sword and then destroyed Onikage by freezing him with Isis Stare and finishing him off with Dance of the Beast King.


Finishing moves for these MegaZords depended on the arms and legs attached:

  • Mega Roar: performed by Lion, Shark, Bison, Eagle and Tiger Wild Zords firing a synchronized energy wave. Can also be performed by Wild Force MegaZord, the Wild Zords fire a beam of energy.
  • Ultra Roar: performed by all the Wild Zords together, an extended version of the Mega Roar. It was used to destroy Master Org.
  • Pachyderm Crusher: performed by any Sword and Shield Mode MegaZord, where the sword would act as a whip and slash the enemy.
  • Soul Cannon: performed by Wild Force MegaZord with Soul Bird, fires a beam of energy with more power.
  • Surging Arrow: the Shark Zord's fin acts as a sword and slashes the Org.
  • Final Strike: performed by any Striker Mode MegaZord, where the Rhino would kick the Armadillo as if it were a soccer ball. The Armadillo is typically spot-kicked from the ground for most MegaZords, however the Isis MegaZord's Final Strike is performed like a bicycle kick.
  • Tornado Spin: performed by the Wild Force MegaZord Predator Mode, where the Armadillo would be thrown like a bowling ball. This was only seen once in the episode "The Tornado Spin", when the Rangers used a Zord sized version of the bowling technique Max, the Blue Ranger, had learned. Both times it defeated Bowling Org.
  • Pool Breaker: the PredaZord fires the Armadillo Zord with the Gator Staff and the Armadillo spins for 10 seconds and goes to the orgs face.
  • Predator Wave: performed by PredaZord, the Alligator breathes a beam of energy similar to Mega Roar.
  • Blue Moon Wave: performed by PredaZord Blue Moon, aesthetically a blue version of Predator Wave.
  • Revolver Phantom: Performed by PredaZord, the alligator tail spins like a drill and hits the chest.
  • Isis Stare: performed by the Isis MegaZord. Using the eyes on the Falcon's wing, this attack paralyzed the opponent for a short time.
  • Wings of Animaria: performed by the Isis MegaZord Predator Mode, where the Gator Staff and the Wolf Zord's tail merged into an energy spear. This was only seen once in "Fishing for a Friend" when the Rangers used this to destroy Locomotive Org.
  • Spear of Pardolis: performed by any Spear Mode MegaZord, it involved the Giraffe extending its neck as a spear.
  • Bear Blaster: performed by any Double Knuckle MegaZord, the Polar Bear and Black Bear would each fire a beam of energy, which combined created a mighty blast.
  • Bear Striker: performed by KongaZord, the Bears strike the Org in fire and ice punches. This was mistakenly called Double Knuckle once which is wrong as that is simply the MegaZord Mode.
  • Antler Crush: performed in any Clutcher Mode MegaZord, the Deer antlers grab the Org and spins him.
  • Bubble Capture: performed in any Clutcher Mode MegaZord, the Deer antlers makes an energy and the org is trapped as the bubble explodes.
  • Animarian Arrow: performed by Animus, he uses the saw shark blade and the condor tail/megaZord horns fires an energy arrow.
  • Dance of the Beast King: performed by Pegasus MegaZord, the elephant sword powers up and slashes the org 3 times.

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