The science fiction television series Star Trek: Enterprise has presented many different Xindi starships and shuttlecraft of varied size and power.


Xindi-Insectoid shuttle

Xindi-Insectoid shuttle - StarTrekENT

Insectoid shuttle in flight

The Xindi-Insectoid shuttle is a fictional shuttlecraft, the shuttle is of Xindi-Insectoid origin and is capable of flying in the atmosphere of a gas giant or underwater.[1]

The Enterprise recovered a shuttle from a larger Xindi-Insectoid vessel in January 2154 in the episode "Hatchery". This vessel was later used to infiltrate the detection grid found around Azati Prime and take scans of the Xindi superweapon. Jonathan Archer later used the shuttle carrying several photonic torpedoes to attempt to destroy the superweapon.[1]


Xindi-Reptilian starship

Xindi-Reptilian starship - StarTrekENT

A Reptilian starship

The Xindi-Reptilian starship is a fictional starship of Xindi-Reptilian origin and is smaller in size than the Enterprise. Two of these ships proved to be an equal match to that of the Enterprise; however, the ships were built primarily for combat.[2]

The starship was equipped with energy weapons and deflector shielding. Degra, a Xindi-Primate, had worked on this type of vessel during its creation, providing him with crucial information that enabled him to destroy this type of ship with his much smaller ship.[3]


Xindi-Aquatic cruiser

Xindi-Aquatic cruiser - StarTrekENT

An Aquatic cruiser

The Xindi-Aquatic cruiser is a fictional starship, the ship is of Xindi-Aquatic origin and is much larger in size than the Enterprise,[4] dwarfing it by several magnitudes. The Enterprise was capable of fitting in the Aquatics "shuttlebay". The Aquatic ships themselves are much more powerful than their counterpart subspecies but travel at much slower speeds.[4]

The ships themselves are primarily filled completely with water. They do however possess at least one oxygenated, dry room which has been used for communication with the Aquatic crew. The Aquatic ships utilize directed energy weapons as their primary offensive weapon.[4]

The wireframe basis for this CGI model is from the Babylon 5 "White Star" wireframe.


Xindi-Primate shuttle

The Xindi-Primate shuttle is a fictional starship, the ship is of Xindi-Primate origin and is roughly half the size of the Enterprise. [5] The ship is used for cargo transport, though the primate Degra uses a modified version for his personal vessel. This ship was used for observing the weapon tests and later in the battle against the Reptilians.


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