Underworld: The Eternal War
Underworld - The Eternal War Coverart
European box art depicting the character Selene
Developer(s) Lucky Chicken Games
Publisher(s) Play It! Limited
Distributor(s) Red Ant (Europe)
Platform(s) PlayStation 2
Release date(s)
  • PAL January 16, 2004
Genre(s) Action
Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer
Rating(s) PEGI: 12+
Media/distribution 1 DVD-ROM

Underworld: The Eternal War (also known as Underworld: The Game) is a 2004 video game based on the vampire film Underworld which was released in 2003. The main character of the video game, Selene, is a third-person shooter throughout the missions. According to IGN.Com the release dates were canceled and the game was never sold in the USA.


The storyline revolves around the eternal war between the vampires and lycans, and as the player, you can choose the side you're teaming with. You can either choose the movie's main vampire, Selene, or Raze, who is a Lycan. You can also choose between a selection of other vampires or lycans. Once the game has been completed as either of the races you are able to play as the hybrid.

The player is tasked with taking to the battlefields where they must accomplish missions, whether protecting someone, killing someone, getting an item from somewhere, or simply killing everyone. Using different weapons, the player slaughters enemies throughout the action-based gameplay.

Lycan characters from Eternal War

Raze - Lycan Enforcer

Zak - Lycan warrior

Bruce - Lycan warrior

Kurt - Lycan warrior

Cutter - Lycan warrior

Berserk Lycan - Lycan warrior

Brutus - Lycan warrior

Blaze - Lycan warrior

Carnage - Lycan warrior

Lars - Lycan warrior

Karl - Lycan commander

Wire - Lycan commander

Trent - Lycan commander

Nail - Lycan commander

Argo - Lycan commander & guard

Tyson - Lycan commander

Bolt - Lycan commander

Garth - Lycan commander

Stone - Lycan commander

Uther - Lycan commander & guard

Ben - Super Lycan commander

Norton - Super Lycan commander

Karn - Super Lycan commander

The Beast - Super Lycan commander

Vampire characters from Eternal War

Selene - Death Dealer

Julia - Death Dealer

Erica - Death Dealer

Dawn - Death Dealer

Jason - Death Dealer

Tyrell - Death Dealer

Argus - Death Dealer

Thomas - Death Dealer

Vladimi - Death Dealer

Hans - Death Dealer

Julian - Death Dealer

Augustus - Death Dealer

Kane - Death Dealer

Terrance - Death Dealer

Christov - Death Dealer

Michael - Death Dealer

Stephen - Death Dealer

Sven - Death Dealer

Antron - Death Dealer

Bradford - Death Dealer

Octavio - Death Dealer

Kevin - Death Dealer

Cole - Death Dealer

Viktor - Vampire Elder

The prize of winning lycan and vampire levels are

The Lycan,vampire hybrid


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