Splicers, also known as "Aggressors", are a feature of the first-person shooter video game Bioshock. The protagonist encounters them as enemies over the course of the game. They are the most common enemies found throughout the game. Originally they were the disenfranchised citizens of rapture, the poor, the weak, those that sided with Fontaine or any one who criticized the government. Confused and dejected Frank Fontaine molded them into his private army via fake charities he set up, such as Fontaine's home for the poor. Eventually they grew so strong they launched an attack on the Kashmir Restaurant on New Year's Day, 1959 to end the civil war between him and Ryan. They apparently murdered the sane population. Many of them still wear Masquerade Ball masks, and Atlas asks, "Why do they wear those masks? Maybe there's a part of them that remembers how they used to be, how they used to look. And they're ashamed." Apparently due to the pheromones pumped into the air, they are controlled by Andrew Ryan and set after the player. Adam due to its unstable nature has regressed them physically and mentally, greatly damaging their minds and warping them physically. Furthermore because Adam is an unstable they must constantly use more and more to stay alive. Because of that the they are primarily encountered wandering the corridors and the tunnels of Rapture, searching for ADAM, usually in the form of Little Sisters, which often puts them at odds with their Big Daddy protectors-something that Jack can easily exploit to help him survive.

Splicers tend to wear very little armor, if any, but they have advanced physical strength and tend to be extremely aggressive in contrast to the calmer Big Daddies. They will sometimes work in groups, use plasmids and sometimes even play dead to get the advantage on the player.

Splicers can be divided into several separate categories, based on the weapons that they prefer to use.

  • Thuggish splicers, who first appear in the Welcome to Rapture level. They attack by rushing the player with melee weapons, such as pipes and wrenches scavenged from the surrounding area.
  • Leadhead splicers, who use firearms. They first appear in the Welcome to Rapture level.
  • Nitro splicers, who first appear in the Medical Pavilion level and throw explosives such as mines, Molotov cocktails and makeshift bombs to attack Jack, something that can be exploited with the Telekinesis plasmid.
  • Spider splicers, who first appear in Neptune's Bounty, can crawl on the ceiling and throw hooked blades
  • Houdini splicers can teleport and attack the player with plasmids or other weapons. They first appear in the Arcadia level.

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