Mototsugu Inukai
Corrector Yui character
[[Prof. Inukai|250px]]
Prof. Inukai
Creators Kia Asamiya
Keiko Okamoto
Voiced by Mugihito (Japanese)
Series Corrector Yui

No Title
[[Prof. Inukai|250px]]
Prof. Inukai

No Title

No information

Mototsogu Inukai (犬養博士 Inukai-hakase?) a fictional character in the anime and manga Corrector Yui.

He is the creator of the Correctors and Grosser.


A brilliant computer scientist,creator of the Correctors and Grosser.He attempted to stop Grosser by sending the Correctors,but he was intercepted by Grosser,causing an accident.Now his body is laying unconscious in the hospital,while his uncomplete,amnesiac mind is wandering on the Net,seeking help and evading Grosser's henchmen.When his memory is restored,he decides to pass over Corrector abilities and tasks to Haruna,whom he preferred over the ditzy,not-so-competent Yui,but later events force him to reconsider his decision.Later,he finally accepts Yui as Corrector,helping her by repairing and building new Element Suits,and providing a base of operations for the Correctors.

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