Minami Uehara (上原 南 Uehara Minami) is an animated fictional character who appeared in the first Digimon Tamers movie Battle of Adventurers. She is ten years old with brown hair and blue eyes. Minami is voiced by Stephanie Sheh.

Minami is the daughter of V-Pet creator Takehito Uehara. The V-Pet was based on her pet dog, Mei, who drowned in the ocean while Minami was riding her bodyboard during a storm. The death of her pet hit Minami very hard and she refused to accept the virtual pet as a replacement.

After VP Labs was attacked by Digimon, Minami was the only person able to escape, and she took the laptop containing the original V-Pet with her. While being pursued by Mephistomon's flunky Digimon, Minami was rescued by Takato Matsuki and his cousin Kai Urazoe. She had dinner with them at the home of Kai's grandfather, but grew sad when the older man played music. She revealed in a conversation with Takato what had happened to Mei.

Later that evening the evil Digimon made another attempt at catching Minami. Seasarmon appeared from out of her laptop and protected her, but Minami was afraid when he called her by name. She was captured by Mantaraymon and taken to VP Laboratories. Locked in a room of industrial lasers, her father was threatened that she would be hurt if he did not reveal the location of the V-Pet vaccination program. The evil Digimon tried to destroy her, but were defeated by Seasarmon, who had led Takato, Kai and Guilmon to where she was. Minami was reunited with her father, but still uneasy around Seasarmon.

During the battle against Mephistomon, Minami was protected from harm by Labramon, the pre-evolutionary form of Seasarmon, at the cost of his life. Upset, she tried to tell Labramon that she did not appreciate what he had done. Labramon told Minami that, as he had been created to replace Mei, he WAS Mei and that Mei's death was not her fault. This caused Minami to break down and beg Labramon not to die, calling him "Mei". By calling out the name of her lost dog Minami activated the vaccination program which repaired the damage that the corrupted V-Pets had done to the network.

After the battle, Minami presumably went back home with her father.

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