The following is a list of characters found in the campaigns of Age of Mythology (Fall of the Trident) and Age of Mythology: The Titans (The New Atlantis):

Characters from both campaigns


Arkantos (voiced by Daniel Riordan) is the main character in Fall of the Trident. Living on Atlantis in a time where it was constantly raided by pirates, he had to take up arms and fight the pirates at the very young age of 14. However, he grew strong, and virtually wiped out all of the pirates in the area. The campaign begins with Krios the theocrat urging Arkantos to join the Greek army in Troy, but Arkantos initially refuses. However, when the Pirate-bandit overlord Kamos, a Minotaur hero who was raised by the Egyptian goddess Bast, steals the trident from a statue of Poseidon, Arkantos is convinced that he must travel to Troy to regain the god's favor. After recovering the trident, Arkantos joins Agamemnon, Odysseus and Ajax and plays an important part in the Trojan War, as one of the soldiers hidden in the Trojan Horse. Afterwards, he and Ajax , on their way back home, stop at Iolcos to repair their ships and find the city taken by pirates. They free the centaur Chiron, who has been imprisoned, and pursue the cyclops Gargarensis to stop him in his evil plan. Gargarensis attempted to free Kronos who had been imprisoned behind 4 adamantine doors in Tartarus, the deepest part of the underworld. These doors could only be opened by a mortal's hand, Gargarensis. Unfortunately he was being aided by the god of the Ocean and horses, Poseidon, who Arkantos thought to be favoured by. If Gargarensis was successful, he would be made immortal by Kronos and Poseidon, for setting the former free. Arkantos however, stopped him in his tracks and killed one of Poseidon's minions who was gigantic and seemingly unstoppable by human weapons and means. Therefore Zeus empowered him with the force of thunder, making him more than sufficiently powerful to take on the Titanic creature and erase the life of Gargarensis together with it. After succeeding in such a noble task, the goddess Athena made Arkantos immortal, and he became a god to watch over the sunken land of Atlantis. The land was not lost, the Atlanteans were saved, only the wonders and buildings collapsed during the war and earthquakes that were caused when Gargarensis was killed. Arkantos's special ability is that he gives out a battle cry that that strengthens allied units around him and, after being blessed by Zeus, he transformed from Arkantos(hero) into Arkantos(uber) and so he can throw all units around him. In "New Atlantis", he doesn't battle enemies. He just appears and disappears in each scenario video from scenario 4 to 12 as an immortal god guiding his son, Kastor, in his quest. It is interesting to note that Arkantos' name is used in Age of Empires III, his armor can be collected as a treasure in that game.


Ajax (voiced by Charlie Rocket) is a renowned Greek warrior, said only to be excelled by Achilles, and the son of the king of Salamis. In Fall of the Trident, he meets Arkantos during the Trojan War (though they seem to have already known each other) and afterwards accompanies him to Ioklos, but stays with him for the rest of his quest. He was transformed into a boar by Circe. Ajax is typically the "brawn" of the team, not being much of a strategist but a hardy fighter nonetheless. In The New Atlantis, Ajax is soon-to-be-King of Salamis, sent leading a company of Greek troops to confront Kastor and the Atlanteans because of their unexplained attack against Sikyos, but joins Kastor after realizing that he had been tricked by Kronos' servant. Ajax wields a spear and a large shield. His special attack is a shield bash that knocks enemy foot soldiers back a short distance. He wears a cap which looks like a bear's fur, the older one wears one which looks like a lions fur. In real Greek mythology, Ajax was a hero of the Trojan War who committed suicide after Achilles was killed.


Amanra (voiced by Jean Gilpin) is a Nubian mercenary leader, the daughter of a warchief and a devotee of Isis. At an early age, Amanra went with her father into battles. She soon established her reputation as a legendary fighter. Amanra's commander is a man of great incompetence and a greater belly, Mnevis, who only got his position because of his friendship with Amanra. Mnevis is also stated to ride a hippo, according to the in-game dictionary. In Fall of the Trident, Arkantos encounters Amanra after emerging from the underworld in Egypt, where he helps her to recover the pieces of the body of Osiris, who was killed by his evil brother Set, and bring him back to life, knowing that Osiris has the power to stop Gargarensis and his ally Kemsyt from opening the entrance to the underworld located in Egypt. Amanra afterwards follows Arkantos throughout the remainder of his journey. In The New Atlantis Amanra, now a Nubian queen, is in charge of the Egyptian forces sent to reinforce Sikyos against Kastor and the Atlantean invaders. After learning of Kastor's deception by the Servant of Kronos, she joins him in his mission to stop the Titans from escaping Tartarus.

Amanra wields a bladed staff and shield possibly wooden framed and zebra skin as the shield sheet and her special ability is to take a great leap, sometimes allowing her to jump over walls in much the same manner as an Anubite. Amanra's name could be a pun on "Amon-Ra," a form of Ra worshipped in the south of Egypt. If one looks at the in-game dictionary article for "Sign", one will find that Amanra has a flying ship. This may be a homage to the Flying Dutchman, a cheat unit from the original Age of Empires, which is able to sail over land. It may also be a sign of Amon-Ra's heavenly ship, upon which he sails across the sky and then battles demons from it at night. It is said there that her chief is Mnevis ,"who rides a flying hippo", which is a cheat unit there. Also in real life there is an Egyptian city named Amarna.


Folstag (voiced by Michael Bell) is a frost giant notorious throughout Midgard as a raider and pillager. He has also been said to enjoy throwing cabins and eating cattle. In Fall of the Trident, Skult tricks Arkantos into showing the flag of Folstag to the Norse clans, claiming that they will rally under it. Upon seeing the flag, however, the Norsemen become enraged and attack Arkantos and his men. It is later revealed to them why. In The New Atlantis, Folstag, now a king, having changed his ways and gained respect among giants and men alike, offers the aid of himself and his fellow frost giants to Kastor in fighting the titan who has emerged in the Norselands as a result of the gods' hold on the gates of Tartarus having been unintentionally weakened. He eventually summons the dragon Nidhogg, which he has tamed, to assist the heroes.

Folstag has the ability to freeze titans with his breath (but not ordinary units).

Folstag is also mentioned a few times in The Golden Gift campaign as an enemy, and his voice is heard yelling at the player when Brokk escapes him into the mines.


In Fall of the Trident, the Guardian, a giant statue resembling the Egyptian jackal-headed god Anubis, helps defeat Kemsyt's Army. In The New Atlantis, the Guardian once again assists Kastor in defeating the Titan Cerberus in Egypt. The Guardian is nearly invincible - in the mission where the player must take the Guardian's sword to the statue in order to awaken it, the newly-revived statue is able to fight Kemsyt's army single-handed, taking only a slight amount of damage.

In The New Atlantis the guardian is revived to fight the titan in Egypt by a Son of Osiris.


Born in Atlantis, Kastor (voiced by Daniel Riordan) is the son of Arkantos and has never known his mother, who was killed by pirates many years ago. Kastor sees himself as a great warrior, but, although brave, he is not quite what he thinks he is. He would love nothing more than to fight a war by his father's side. Kastor sometimes spends time looking after the Theocrat Krios's horses. In Fall of the Trident, he is fourteen years old and, although he wishes to accompany Arkantos to the Trojan War, is told to stay home in Atlantis in case of another pirate raid. Kastor is a minor character that makes only 3 appearances. Although in the scenario "Welcome Back" at the very northeastern place, if you can manage to view the place, you can see Kastor and the Theocrat.

Ten years later, in The New Atlantis, Kastor is the main protagonist and the leader of the Atlantean people. He is said to be bitter over his father Arkantos's having mysteriously disappeared after the destruction of Atlantis, though he feels that Arkantos is somehow still alive. After being informed by Kronos's minion in the guise of Krios of a land that is much more hospitable than the Atlanteans' colony in the Norselands, Kastor leads his people through a mysterious portal which takes them to a lush and bountiful island. Upon arriving at this new destination, Kastor encounters ruined temples constructed in honor of the Titans and comes to the conclusion that the Atlanteans have found favor in their eyes, and subsequently orders the temples' repair. When Greek inhabitants of the island discover that the Atlantians are reconstructing the Titans' temples, they attack them, but are afterwards driven away from the island. Demanding an explanation for the attack, Kastor pursues them to their Greek city-state of Sikyos and upon arrival does battle with and defeats the army of Sikyos and kills its commander, Melagius. Before Kastor's army can take the city, however, Egyptian and Norse allies of Sikyos arrive to reinforce it. Kastor therefore withdraws and initiates simultaneous attacks in both Egypt and Midgard as a means of retaliation and to cause the Egyptian and Norse troops stationed at Sikyos to be forced to withdraw to defend their homelands. Kastor's diversionary tactics are successful, and the reinforcements withdraw to their respective homelands, leaving Sikyos defenseless. Upon the return of Kastor and his forces to Sikyos, Kronos's servant reveals to him a portal which leads him onto Mount Olympus. After setting foot on Mount Olympus, Kastor is overcome with the ambition of climbing to the summit of the mountain. Kastor succeeds in reaching the summit, and upon doing so, he is transported back to the exterior of Sikyos. It is here that the servant of Kronos makes himself known, and reveals to Kastor that he had masterminded his activities as a means of weakening the hold of the gods on the gates of Tartarus enough for the Titans to escape. Shortly after, the Titan, Prometheus, emerges in the center of Sikyos and begins to destroy the city. Kastor is then confronted and attacked by a group of Atlanteans who regard him as having betrayed his people, but is rescued by the newly arrived Ajax and Amanra, who had come to defend Sikyos against the Atlanteans. Afterwards, Kastor, Ajax and Amanra journey to Egypt to fight the Titan Cerberus first. Later, in Midgard, they meet the Frost Giant Folstag, who is now a king, and fight the Titan Ymir. They eventually return to Sikyos, using the influence of Gaia to destroy Prometheus. Kastor finally returns to New Atlantis (the island that the Atlanteans arrived at through the portal in the Norselands and subsequently colonized) and confront the servant of Kronos there, who escapes through another portal. In following him, the heroes arrive on the remains of the island of Old Atlantis, where the gate from which Kronos nearly succeeded in escaping from in the previous campaign is located. Kronos attempts to escape from Tartarus by himself with the power of the Olympians broken, and succeeds, but with the help of the Titan Gaia, who, unlike the other Titans, is said to be nondestructive. Kastor succeeds in rebanishing Kronos to Tartarus and afterwards kills his servant while it tries to escape. Upon his victory, Arkantos appears to Kastor and confirms him as the new ruler of Atlantis, handing him the Staff of Atlantis.

In Fall of the Trident, Kastor is a weak hero unit who wields a sword. In The New Atlantis, Kastor is a hero unit armed with two swords whose special ability is a powerful sword attack which sends human units flying.

Krios (Theocrat)

Krios (voiced by Lloyd Sherr) is the elderly theocrat who rules Atlantis on behalf of Poseidon. In Fall of the Trident, it is he who proposes that Arkantos join the Greeks fighting the Trojan War. Although initially unwilling to go, Arkantos is convinced by Krios to go eventually. In The New Atlantis he is seen to have escaped Atlantis following its destruction and established an Atlantean colony in the Norselands. At the beginning of the campaign, Kronos's servant kills Krios and assumes his appearance, and afterwards deceives the Atlanteans into freeing the Titans.

Characters exclusively from Fall of the Trident


Agamemnon (voiced by Peter Renaday) is the king of Mycenae (or Argos). He initiated the Trojan War because Helen, the queen of Sparta, was abducted by Paris, the Trojan prince. Menelaus, the king of Sparta, is Agamemnon's brother. He is aided by Arkantos in the war.

Agamemnon is a hero unit who fights with his fists (which is said to be due to the fact that he "lost his spear along the way"). He is a weak hero who can resurrect when killed.


Athena (voiced by Carole Ruggier) appears to Arkantos in dreams on more than one occasion, thus guiding him on his way and serving as something of a narrator for the campaign. At the end of the campaign she resurrects Arkantos into a god.


Brokk (voiced by Warren Burton) is a dwarf and the older brother of Eitri. He and his brother show the heroes the way into Midgard after they help them reclaim their forge from giants. Later he, along with his brother reforge Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, which was destroyed by Loki, allowing Thor to seal the gate to Tarturus that Kronos is about to escape through.

Brokk is a hero unit who possesses the same resource-gathering abilities as the dwarf unit. He can collect any resource, but is especially efficient at mining gold.

Brokk and his brother are both featured in The Golden Gift campaign, which can be downloaded from the official Age Of Mythology website.


Chiron (voiced by Bob Sampson) is a centaur renowned for his wisdom. He is freed by Arkantos and Ajax from bandits in Ioklos and afterwards joins the heroes in their quest. In Egypt, he assisted his companions by leading the force that retrieved the Head of Osiris from the Tamarisk Tree. As the heroes later attempt to escape a band of Fire Giants in league with Gargarensis in Nifelheim, he sacrifices himself by toppling a large bolder to block the path of the giants, saving his comrades but ensuring his death as the giants overwhelm him. Though he appears as a guardian of Mount Olympus in the expansion pack campaign, he is likely there simply as a random hero, as this version of Chiron is a unit normally trainable by the worshipers of Hades, and not the regenerating hero unit from the original campaign. Aside from Gargarensis, Kemsyt, and Kamos, Chiron is the only main character whose death was seen, known and confirmed in Age of Mythology. Some Main Characters were never seen again but it is unknown about their survival. They were: Setna, Brokk, Eitri, Reginleif, Agammemnon, and Skult.

Chiron is a hero unit who possesses abilities similar to those of the centaur unit, and is unique in being the only hero of the Centaur race. His special ability allows him to fire three arrows at once.

In ancient Greek mythology, Chiron was the name of the only centaur who was not violent towards humans.


Circe is a sorceress who rules an island in the Mediterranean Sea. Upon the arrival of Odysseus and his men on the island, she transforms them into pigs, and subsequently transforms Arkantos and Ajax into boars after they too arrive on the island. With the help of Zeus, the men are transformed back into human beings, and afterwards attack and destroy Circe's keep before escaping the island. Circe is a half magician unit and has the ability to fire thunderbolts through her staff dealing a very large amount of damage. Unlike most heroes, she does not regenerate. In mythology, Circe is a witch who puts a curse on Odysseus' soldiers when she invited them to her cottage and discovered they ate like pigs.


Eitri (voiced by Joe Nipote) is a dwarf and the younger brother of Brokk. He and his brother show the heroes the way into Midgard after they help them reclaim their forge from giants. Later he, along with his brother reforge Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, which was destroyed by Loki, allowing Thor to seal the gate to Tarturus that Kronos is about to escape through.

Eitri is a hero unit who possesses the same resource-gathering abilities as the dwarf unit. He can collect any resource, but is especially efficient at mining gold.

Eitri and his brother are both featured in The Golden Gift campaign, which can be downloaded from the official Age Of Mythology website.


Gargarensis (voiced by J. D. Hall) is a Cyclops and one of Poseidon's offspring. He is the main antagonist of Fall of the Trident. Gargarensis bears a grudge against Poseidon due to his having seduced his great grandmother, but decides to help Poseidon in his mission to release Kronos from Tartarus due to his believing that Poseidon will make him immortal for his efforts. He is, consequently, the enemy of Arkantos, who seeks to prevent him from releasing Kronos from his imprisonment. Gargarensis very nearly succeeded in releasing Kronos from Tartarus in Niflheim, but finally failed because of Thor's last-minute help. Upon returning to Atlantis, Arkantos discovers Gargarensis has captured the city and is attempting to open a fourth gate to Tartarus buried beneath the city, which was previously unknown to the Atlanteans. In order to aid him, Poseidon brings a large statue to life, which bears the god's own appearance. Zeus, however, grants Arkantos demigod-like power. In the ensuing battle, Arkantos defeats the living Poseidon statue by ramming his spear into it, causing it to topple and the trident that it wields to fall from its grasp and impale Gargarensis. He frequently quotes the poem Lepanto by Gilbert Keith Chesterton during cutscenes.

Gargarensis is a cyclops hero armed with a trident, who possesses the ability to pick up and hurl human soldiers, similar to the special attack of a cyclops but with the additional power to kill many surrounding units as well.

Greta Forkbeard

Greta Forkbeard is the daughter of the Norse chieftain Forkbeard and plays the role of the damsel in distress. After she is kidnapped by giants, Arkantos and company rescue her to gain the confidence of her father, a leader of a Norse tribe and also to unite the norse clans. While incredibly ugly, according to the in-game di to unitctionary, she "has a great personality."


Kamos (voiced by Peter Lurie) is a minotaur who leads a fleet of pirates and one of the two main mortal allies of Gargarensis, a Cyclops Hero. He is an old enemy of Arkantos. At an early age, Kamos was kidnapped by an Egyptian fishing ship and raised by the goddess Bast. For unknown reasons he harbors great anger and rage. Kamos is missing one hand, which he lost when attempting to hand-feed a Leviathan. The hand is afterwards replaced with a khopesh. Kamos' first act against Arkantos is a raid on Atlantis in which he steals the trident held by the Poseidon statue in Atlantis' harbor. Arkantos afterwards pursues him to an island base of his where he recovers the trident, though he is unable to catch Kamos. Arkantos and Ajax later encounter Kamos again during a raid on one of his pirate bases. Arkantos corners him at the edge of a cliff and impales him with his spear, falling off the edge into a sea of jagged rocks, killing him.

Kamos is a hero unit whose special ability is a gore attack similar to that of the minotaur unit, but is more powerful.


Kemsyt (voiced by Daniel Mann) leads a band of Egyptian raiders and is the archenemy of Amanra. He is said to be shrewd and cunning, and not inclined to put himself in danger. He is one of the two main mortal allies of Gargarensis and works with him to prevent the god Osiris from being resurrected. After the heroes succeed in reviving the dead Osiris, Kemsyt flees with Gargarensis to the Norselands. When Gargarensis's army is defeated, Kemsyt is captured and an illusion was cast on him by Skult (Loki) to make him look like the cyclops, and Ajax says, "This is for Chiron", jumps and beheads him. Upon their journey back to Atlantis, the heroes discover that they have beheaded Kemsyt when a soldier removes his head from a box, intending to lash it to the bow upon their entering Atlantis's harbor.

Kemsyt is a hero unit armed with a khopesh with no special abilities.


Niordsir leads a small group of Norse Soldiers and Ox Carts. He is sent by Reginleif to follow Gargarensis to Egypt. He joins Chiron in his quest to retrieve the head of Osiris and later becomes a Jarl. In the Norselands, he is shown as Niordsir himself, even though he does not speak.He Spoke at last.


Odysseus (voiced by Sean Donnellan) is the king of Ithaca, husband of Penelope, father of Telemachus and hero of The Odyssey. Arkantos aids him and the other Greeks in the Trojan War, and afterwards encounters him and his men on the isle of Circe, where they have been transformed into pigs by the enchantress, and helps them escape from their predicament. Upon Arkantos' final confrontation with Gargarensis in the Norselands, Odysseus arrives with troops to reinforce Arkantos. In the Titans game, he is in Mount Olympus, and is likely killed by Kastor's men, though it is not likely that this Odysseus is the Odysseyus encountered in the campaign, as it is questionable on how Odysseus would be on Mount Olympus in the first place, and this "Odysseus" is a different unit other than the one who aided Arkantos, who was a special Odysseus, called "Odysseus SPC" in the editor. This "Odysseus" is actully a hero trained by the Greek civilization in the Classical Age.

Odysseus is a hero unit armed with a bow with no special attack.


Osiris is the god of judgement and the brother and husband of the goddess Isis. He was killed and cut to pieces by his evil brother, Set. In The Fall of the Trident, the heroes attempt to find and reunite the pieces of Osiris' body and resurrect him so that he can prevent Gargarensis from opening Tartarus, while Gargarensis and Kemsyt seek to find and destroy the pieces of Osiris' body and prevent his resurrection; apparently, Osiris' throne is seated atop the entrance to the Underworld, and his resurrection would prevent Gargarensis from entering the Underworld in Egypt. After the pieces of his body are found and he is brought back to life, Osiris destroys Gargarensis and Kemsyt's army and forces them to flee Egypt. Osiris's resurrection seems to mark a departure between the campaign's story and the Egyptian mythos; in the mythology Isis had already found the pieces of Osiris and buried them in Giza,Egypt.


Poseidon is the god of the sea and horses, as well as the founder of Atlantis, and is one of Zeus's siblings. Jealous of Zeus' position as chief of the Olympian gods, he is lured by the whispers of Kronos into helping him escape from his imprisonment with promises of being made the head of the gods himself, and does so by aiding Gargarensis in his mission to free Kronos from Tartarus. Upon Gargarensis' defeat, Zeus is said to severely punish Poseidon for his betrayal of the Olympians. Poseidon brings a statue of himself to life to aid Gargarensis. This happens in the final scenario of fall of the trident.


Reginleif (voiced by Tasia Valenza) is a valkyrie who is 1028 years old. It is stated in her biography that she had been banned from Valhalla for some reason, and that she is helping the heroes on earth in order to regain the trust of the gods. She is first appearing after Skull/Loki treason, revealing Arkantos his true identity and guiding him through Midgard, explaining him the customs and giving advices. It is later stated that she was the one who commanded Eitri and Brokk to forge a new Hammer for Thor, after the original one was destroyed by Loki. After it is reviled that Thor's Mjolnir is the only weapon in Midgard which could be able to seal Cronos Gates, she defends the dwarf lumbers with Arkantos, killing the dragon Nidhogg with her javelin. After Gargarensis defeat, her task achieved, she stay behind in Midgard as Arkantos goes back to Atlantis

Reginleif is a hero unit based on Valkyrie unit, healing her allies. She however is a footwoman hurling javelins


Setna (voiced by Lloyd Sherr) is an Egyptian high priest allied with Amanra. He helps Arkantos resurrect the god Osiris. Setna is the only Egyptian character in the game who is a real historical character. Setna Khaenwaset was a son of Ramesses the Great, and was indeed a priest and magician. He was the High Priest of Ptah (as opposed to Osiris in the game), and is known for his restoration of the Apis cult, the restoration of the Pyramid of Unas, and his search for the mystical Book of Thoth. The reign of his father, Ramesses, has sometimes been portrayed as around the same time as the Trojan War, so Setna's appearance isn't entirely fantastical.

Setna has a slightly higher attack than other priests, and he can carry relics, also unlike ordinary priests (without certain upgrades).


Skult (voiced by Warren Burton) is an elderly magician and really the god Loki in disguise. In Fall of the Trident, he assists Gargarensis upon his arrival in the Norselands. When the heroes first encounter him, he claims to be able to help them unite the Norse tribes against Gargarensis, and gives them a flag which he claims the Norse tribes will rally under. When the heroes reveal the flag to the feuding tribes, however, they become enraged and attack them. Upon Arkantos questioning Skult, he laughs at him and escapes by transforming into ravens. Arkantos is afterward informed by Reginleif that the flag is that of Folstag's band of frost giants, who are notorious pillagers, and that this was a favorite trick of Loki's. Since Loki was imprisoned after the events that followed Baldr's death in the Norse mythos, Loki's presence seems to suggest that the campaign takes place before or during these events.

Skult is a hero unit that is fast, but cannot attack, his in-game description claims that his special attack is giving up and running away, however it is regeneration..[citation needed]


Theris is an Anubite whom Arkantos is said to have killed and banished to the underworld sometime prior to the events of Fall of the Trident. Arkantos encounters him and kills him again during the dream he has while in Egypt.

Theris has the same abilities as an ordinary Anubite unit other than the fact that he is a hero (as opposed to normal Anubites) and he appears surrounded in flames.

Note that the special attacks of myth units work against him as well as Ornlu and Polaris so there are doubts as to whether he is a true hero.

Characters exclusively from The New Atlantis


Cerberus is Hades's three-headed doglike guardian of Erebus. In the campaign, Cerberus is depicted as a "lesser" Titan that has been imprisoned in Tartarus, despite his differing origin and role in the mythology. Upon the Titan's escape from Tartarus, Cerberus appears in Egypt and begins to wreak havoc by destroying the pyramid of Osiris in Abydos. Kastor and the other heroes use a "god-empowered" form of a pharaoh, a Son of Osiris, to revive the Guardian, which in Fall of the Trident was used to defeat Kemsyt's army, and use it to defeat Cerberus. If the player was fighting an Egyptian Colony, he would have to kill the titan form of Horus.


Gaia is the Titan and embodiment of the Earth. She was born of Chaos.She is mother of Kronos. Unlike many of the other Titans, Gaia is non-destructive. By spreading her lush over the ruins of Sikyos, she weakens the Titan Prometheus enough for the heroes to defeat him, and afterwards, upon Kronos' escape from Tartarus, Gaia is summoned by the heroes to confront him and succeeds in banishing him back to Tartarus. It is implied that Gaia becomes the patron goddess of New Atlantis after the events of the campaign. In the real Greek mythology, she actually wanted Kronos free and was angry at Zeus for imprisoning the Titans.

General Melagius

General Melagius is a military commander of the Greek city-state of Sikyos. Noted for his ego, he is said to have designated an entire company of soldiers to polishing his shield and armor and has ordered the construction of numerous statues of himself throughout Sikyos's territory. Upon Kastor's arrival at Sikyos to demand an explanation for the attack his people suffered from Greeks presumably from colonies, Melagius takes Kastor for hostile. In the ensuing battle, Melagius is killed. In the scenario, Kastor gains from destroying Melagius statues.

Melagius is a hero unit who possesses a battle cry ability similar to that of Arkantos.


Prometheus is the Titan who formed man out of clay. Unlike the Titans that sided with Kronos, he was not banished to Tartarus after the Olympian gods came into power. After stealing fire from the gods and giving it to man, however, Zeus had him chained to the side of a mountain and let a vulture devour his liver every day (which grows back every day), but eventually released him, allowing Chiron to take his place. After the outcome of Fall of the Trident, Zeus imprisoned Prometheus in Tartarus, believing him to have been in league with Poseidon. In The New Atlantis, Prometheus is among the first of the Titans to escape from Tartarus. Upon emergence, Prometheus proceeds to destroy the Greek city-state of Sikyos. The heroes are initially forced to flee, but later, after defeating the Titans that emerged in Egypt and Midgard, return to Sikyos (which by then is nothing but rubble). Using Gaia's lush to envelop the traces of Prometheus' destruction (from which he draws his power), the heroes succeed in weakening Prometheus enough for them to defeat him. Prometheus has 50,000 hitpoints and whenever hurt, auto-regenerates. He was defeated because of intervention by Gaia but in the campaign he is destroyed by Arkantos and Gaia's help.

In-game, he appears to have a clay-like, ragged, bumpy skin, and can roll clumps of his skin into balls, hurtling them at his opponents as his special attack before they themselves turn into Prometheans.

Servant of Kronos

The servant of Kronos (voiced by Lloyd Sherr) is a demonic creature spawned by Kronos while he is imprisoned in Tartarus. It is said to be more of an extension of Kronos' will than an individual being. After being ordered by Kronos to "make way for the Titans", it kills Krios and assumes his form, and then deceives the Atlanteans into rebuilding monuments to the Titans and tearing down those to the Olympian gods, shifting the balance of power so as that the power of the Olympian gods can no longer hold the Titans in Tartarus. After Kronos is rebanished to Tartarus, his servant tries to escape, but is killed by Kastor.

The protounit name of the Servant of Kronos is "Kronny", a portmanteau of "croney" and "Kronos". Kronny got his name from Age Of Mythology fans.[citation needed]


Ymir, an enormous frost giant, is the Norse equivalent of a Titan who emerges in Midgard upon the escape of the Titans from Tartarus. With the help of Folstag and his fellow frost giants, the heroes succeed in defeating Ymir. Though Ymir is not actually named in the campaign, several statements by Ensemble Studios mention him as the Norse Titan, which brings up the question of how Ymir ended up in Tartarus to be released as a lesser Titan in the campaign after being killed by Odin, as the Norse mythos states. It should be noted that the Norse Titan's model name in the animation editor is actually "TitanTroll", probably because it looks slightly like a much larger version of an ordinary troll.


Kronos (voiced by Lloyd Sherr) is the King of the Titans and the final 'boss' of the Titans game. He was son of Gaia. He has the ability to control time. The Servant tells Kastor in the last two missions of the game that Zeus is so weak that he can no longer hold control over the gate in old Atlantis and this is where Kronos will take 'his first steps outside of Tartarus'. When Kastor plants the Seeds of Gaia to summon her he must defend them. When one minute of the allotted time to summon her elapses The Gate breaks and 'Kronny' praises the return of Kronos whom Kastor stares at in awe. Kronos' appearance in the game is that of a demon with smoke and fire oozing out of his sores. He is almost impossible to destroy due to his high regeneration and can kill several units in one hit with his close combat attacks. Interestingly, he does not speak during the last mission. Gaia is the only unit able to defeat him and when she is summoned throws him back into Tartarus and turns the broken gate into lush greenlands before departing. Kronos has 50000 hitpoints (the same as Prometheus) and regenerates very quickly, possibly over 1000 hp per second, and has 70 attack (the same as a normal Titan), yet when harmed, he automatically regenerates. Not even Arkantos (god) can hurt him. The only units in the game that can beat Kronos are Gaia (she has a special attack against her son) and Osiris, though over some time. Kronos as a unit appears to be more of a rampaging gigantic demon than a god (as such is with the other Titans in the game). He has black rays of darkness enhancing his power (when moving and idle) around his arms and legs.

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