Template:New unreviewed article This is a list of episodes for the television series The Dreamstone.

Technology created by Urpgor in which is far beyond that of the Noops medieval style technology.


Name of vehicle Description Appearances
Whirleyped The Whirleyped is the primary Urpney vehicle in the series; it is a helicopter in the shape of a parrot; it stands on one leg, has flapping wings and a number 1 on each side, and the main entrance to it is from either the mouth or the rear. It is pedal powered by Frizz and Nug as they pedal round in a circle to make the props work, whilst Sgt Blob controls the flying from the cockpit within its head. Whilst jumping it makes farting noises, and is capable of carrying items, such as The Paint Gun, The Argoribble Tank, The Boomerang, and many other things, but not all at the same time. It has the ability of storing the energy from Frizz and Nug's pedaling, so that they can man other things, such as its Retractable Grabber, and The Egg of Death. The Dreamstone, Into Viltheed, The Statue Collection, Megattack, The Nightmare Stone (Cameo), Urpgor's Island, RoboBird (Cameo), The Monster, A Day Out, and The Stowaways.
Knitted Balloon The Knitted Balloon is basically an upside-down knitted sock with a motorboat on wheels attached to it, its main source of levitation comes from a potion created by Urpgor, in which is fed to Frizz and Nug to cause a chain reaction in their stomachs. When they burp, they gush out of their mouths flames as an alternative to a Hot Air Balloon's Bunsan Burner. Not one of Urpgor's greatest achievements, as these things are vulnerable to air attacks! The Knitted Balloon, and Megattack.
Viper Van The Viper Van is a land vehicle in the shape of a snake; it is powered by a clockwork key in its interior, and has a metallic tongue in its mouth that can grasp its prey. This vehicle is capable of moving on both land and sea and can climb trees easily, but going over rocky terrain can sometimes cause sparks and fires that can also damage its outside body. The Voice of Zordrak, Blob's Incredible Plan (Cameo), and Megattack.
Terrophibian The Terrophibian is an amphibious vehicle in the shape of a Tortoise, it is powered by a purple oar in which can also allow itself and the Urpneys to shrink and grow to any size. On land, it walks slowly, but in the water, it moves by spinning its legs in a wheel kind of fashion. It can also act as a submarine with its ability to dive underwater. The Shrinking Stone, Megattack, and The Nightmare Stone (Cameo).
MoleMobile The MoleMobile is the second after the Whirleyped in which is primarily used, although in a few episodes, you see it in different shapes and sizes to the one that is most common.
  • The MoleMobile - The most common feature in the series is that it has a roundish body with a face. Its drill acts as its nose and its tail, its windows act as eyes, has a metal grid as a mouth, and has arms on each side for digging. It stands on a caterpillar tracked base in which either detaches, or is attached to the main vehicle itself. The vehicle is powered by a treadmill that charges up its clockwork springs for the drill and arm mechanisms. There are also remote-controlled versions of this vehicle, with one being smaller and another in regular size.
  • The High Powered MoleMobile - A MoleMobile in which is basically a sports car with moving jaws with teeth at the front for digging, it only made its appearance in Wottles.
Blob's Incredible Plan, Megattack, The Nightmare Stone (Cameo), RoboBird, Zarag Rules, Wottles, The Substitute (Flashback from Zarag Rules only!) and The Stowaways.
SpiderMobile Only appearing in one episode, this invention of Urpgors is by far the most technique, as its appearance is not only a cross between a spider and a tank, but it also acts as a submersible land vehicle. It shoots webs from three turrets with six barrels, with one in its mouth, two at its rear, and three on its back. It is capable of catching Wutts in midflight and even Noops when trying to get back the Dreamstone, and even though it broke down once under the 'Sea of Destruction,' it still is one of Urpgor's greatest achievements. The SpiderMobile.
SharkMobile A submersible vehicle in the shape of a shark, it has wheels that allow it to drive around on land, with its only function of catching Noops with a vacuum in its mouth. It then stores the Noops in a cage in its tail, in which after Sgt Blob and his men had got the Dreamstone, can push them out of it by opening a door from its tail. another entrance is from its mouth, in which from inside can lower its steering wheels and controls from behind its jaws. Urpjaws.

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