A list of henchmen from the 2007 Young Bond novel Double or Die:

  • Sir John Charnage
  • Ludwig Smith
  • Wolfgang Smith
  • Deighton

Ludwig Smith

Ludwig Smith is the eldest of the two brothers and has an appearance similar to a skeleton, as he was born with skin that clings tightly to his body. Along with his thin body, he gives off the impression of Death, even to the point where his mother's midwife thought she had given birth to a corpse. Ludwig is named after Ludwig van Beethoven as his parents were both music lovers. He did not follow his parents footsteps, instead he joined the Les Apaches where he obtained two Apaches, the signature weapon of the gang. Ludwig is a ruthless killer, priding himself when he makes a clean kill, but also taking pleasure when having to kill someone slowly. He works for the highest bidder and will betray anyone if the price is right.

He ultimately meets his fate when attempting to kill Bond while stuck in some netting on the side of a ship. The ship is about to collide with another ship and, despite Bond's warning, doesn't pay attention and is crushed between the two ships.

Wolfgang Smith

Wolfgang Smith is the youngest of the two brothers. Wolfgang is named after Wolfgang Mozart as his parents were music lovers.

Throughout the story, Wolfgang is injured many times, normally because of Bond. He loses an ear, his fingers on one hand, sustains a head injury and has a limp after Bond hits him with a stone. He is finally put out of his misery when a length of cable snaps and hits him, cutting him in half.


Deighton is a butler to Sir John Charnage and also acts as a bodyguard and a thug when needed.

When attempting to stop Bond from rescuing Fairburn and destroying the N.E.M.I.S.I.S machine, Deighton is hit over the head with a plank of wood by a member of a gang formed by 'Red' Kelly, seemingly knocked unconscious. It is unknown what happens to him after this, although the ship he is on eventually blows up (courtesy of Red), so he may well have perished then.

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