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Main Characters


Jack, also known as Jack Ryan is the primary protagonist of BioShock, whom the player controls throughout the game. Prior to his unwilling arrival in Rapture, he was a passenger aboard an airplane (Apollo Air Flight DF-0301 to be specific), which crashed in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Jack is the only survivor, and he swims towards the only land in sight, a mysterious lighthouse, which seems to serve no purpose being there. Whilst inside the lighthouse, Jack sees a Statue of Andrew Ryan, along with a banner directly below it, with the words "NO GODS OR KINGS. ONLY MAN" printed on it. As Jack heads down the stairs, passing several works of art, along with three metal seals, each with their own separate word "art," "industry" and "science" inscribed on them, he notices a bathysphere, with Django Reinhardt's version of "La Mer" playing inside it. Jack enters the bathysphere, and pulls the lever, which takes him down to the underwater city of Rapture. Whilst in the metropolis, Jack is forced to use a number of gene-altering substances known as plasmids, which he uses to protect himself.

Jack is guided through Rapture by Atlas, a working-class Irishman, who asks for Jack's assistance in the rescue of his wife, Moira, and his son, Patrick, (both of whom are non-existant, though this is not revealed until after a large portion of the game) who are trapped in an area of Rapture known as "Neptune's Bounty," in return for his help. Unfortunately, Atlas' family are killed in an explosion triggered by splicers under the command of Andrew Ryan, the founder and ruler of Rapture. In an act of revenge, Atlas then asks Jack to assist him in the assassination of Andrew Ryan. Despite encountering many problems along the way, Jack hunts Ryan down, and corners him in his office in the Rapture Control Centre. He then proceeds to bludgeon Ryan to death with his own Golf club. Just before his death, Ryan informs Jack that Atlas had been controlling him with the use of the words "Would you kindly?" a trigger phrase which would make Jack obey any order without question, and it was indeed Jack who hijacked and crashed the aeroplane he was traveling on, under Atlas' orders (and under the influence of the "would you kindly?" phrase).

Atlas then reveals to Jack his true identity—that of Frank Fontaine, an ex-mobster and smuggler, believed by most of Rapture's population to be dead. After Ryan's death, Fontaine ambushes Jack with a swarm of security bots, in an attempt to kill him, but Jack narrowly escapes with the help of Brigid Tenenbaum's Little Sisters. After a brief recovery in Tenenbaum's hideout, she informs Jack that she had freed him of the "would you kindly?" phrase that Fontaine had over him. However, another aspect of Jack's mental conditioning still remained, "code yellow," when spoken out loud, would prevent Jack's heart from beating. Jack then travels to Mercury Suites, and Apollo Square, searching for the antidote, which, in the end, he does.

Along the way, Fontaine tells Jack that he was actually the illegitimate son of Andrew Ryan, and Jasmine Jolene (a stripper), born in Rapture c.1956, who was bought by Fontaine, from Jolene as an embryo, through Tenenbaum. Fontaine further tells Jack that he was genetically altered at birth by Dr. Yi Suchong, and Tenenbaum herself (whilst working for Fontaine), to accelerate his growth (he has the looks and strength of a 19-year old at the age of 1), and to make him vulnerable to the "code yellow" and "would you kindly?" phrases. After this process, Fontaine ordered Jack to live on the surface as a sleeper agent, who would return to Rapture when needed.

After finding the antidote to the "code yellow" phrase recovered from Dr. Suchong's clinic in Apollo Square, finally freeing himself of the mental control Fontaine has over him, Jack finds Fontaine in an area of Rapture known as "Point Prometheus." However, Fontaine had barricaded himself from Jack, fearing that Jack may be strong enough to kill him. Jack is forced to become a Big Daddy in order to reach Fontaine, as he needs a Little Sister to open the door which Fontaine is hiding behind. Jack finally hunts Fontaine down, and with the help of five Little Sisters, kills him.

Jack's ultimate fate depends on how the player has behaved towards the Little Sisters throughout the course of the game, if the player has "rescued" most of the Little Sisters, returning them to their once human form, Jack will take the five Little Sisters that assisted him in killing Fontaine, and take them (along with himself) to the surface, raising them as if they were his daughters, until dying of natural causes. However, if the player has "harvested" most of the Little Sisters, gaining the maximum amount of ADAM, though killing the girls in the process, Jack will proceed to drain the city of all its ADAM, and take charge of the splicers. He then proceeds to send his army to the surface, where a submarine in the nearby area was investigating the plane crash. As the splicer army quickly massacres the unprepared navy, a hatch in the submarine opens, revealing "the terrible secrets of the world": nuclear warheads. It is currently unknown what Jack does with his newfound power. In Bioshock 2, Sofia Lamb takes control over most of Rapture, including its splicer armies and com systems, implying that Jack surrendered control of Rapture over to Lamb willingly, possibly because of the altruistic alignment of Lamb's ideology, or because he needed someone to rule over Rapture in his place.

In Bioshock 2, set nine years after the events of the first instalment, it is shown that Sofia Lamb's cult The Rapture Family worship Jack as a supposed "God" (mainly due to his role in Andrew Ryan's assassination, a man who was despised by all who followed Lamb's teachings). Oil paintings around Siren Ally show moments of Jack's Journey throughout Rapture, such as the airplane crash, first eve hypo use and fighting the insane Dr. Steinman.

Andrew Ryan

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Andrew Ryan is the founder of Rapture and the owner of Ryan Industries. At the time the events of BioShock take place, Ryan seems to hold all the power in the dystopian city, driven paranoid by the events which led to Rapture's downfall. In an ironic sense, Andrew Ryan had become the one thing he had tried to escape from in the surface world: a dictator. He originally believes Jack (the character whom the player controls) to be a CIA or KGB agent, sent to Rapture for reasons unknown (perhaps not realizing that he is trying to kill his own son). He serves as one of the primary antagonists in BioShock. He is heard in Bioshock 2, but only through audio diaries he had left.


Atlas was amongst the working-class citizenry of Rapture, who is easily identifiable for his strong Irish accent. After Frank Fontaine's death in September 1958, Atlas gained enormous political support from Rapture's working-class, who all felt they were being exploited by Andrew Ryan and the rest of Rapture's upper-class. Atlas eventually gathered a small "army," and on New Year's Eve 1958, launched an attack on Rapture's upper-class at the luxurious Kashmir restaurant. This resulted in a civil war between Atlas and Andrew Ryan, which would mark the beginning of Rapture's descent into downfall and chaos. In late 1959 (by this time most of Rapture was in ruin), Andrew Ryan was able to make all of Atlas' followers vulnerable to his mental suggestion, with the use of "pheromones," placed into the air by Dr. Yi Suchong. No longer with any support, Atlas was forced to go into hiding.

In 1960, one year after the fateful New Year's Eve riots, Atlas, his wife, Moira, his son, Patrick (both of whom are non-existant, though this is not revealed until later in the game) and his accomplice, Johnny, were attempting to escape from the underwater city. Atlas discovers that there had been a plane crash on the surface, directly above Rapture, and a single survivor (called Jack), was heading down to the city via bathysphere. Atlas sends Johnny to investigate, but is killed by Rose, a female Splicer. Atlas provides Jack with much needed assistance and background information on the underwater metropolis, via shortwave radio, which Jack picks up prior to exiting the Bathysphere. He tells Jack that his wife and son are trapped in an area of Rapture known as "Neptune's Bounty," Rapture's first fishery, and asks that Jack provides him assistance in their rescue, in exchange for his help.

Atlas guides Jack through the halls of Rapture, proving to be the only man in the underwater city that Jack can trust. He gives Jack vital information on Rapture's past, ADAM, and the events which occurred after New Year's Eve 1958 riots. Atlas tells Jack that his primary and only objective is to escape Rapture with his wife and only son. However, as Jack progresses further into the city, Atlas' name appears constantly on posters with the three simple words "Who is Atlas?" printed on them, in audio diaries left by the other various citizens throughout Rapture, and in Public Address Announcements (which have been looped and forgotten about since the Rapture civil war. Which leaves Jack in wonder as to Atlas' past (which Atlas never reveals to Jack) and secret agenda.

Jack eventually makes his way to the "Smuggler's Hideout," an area in Neptune's Bounty once used by deceased smuggler Frank Fontaine to store his contraband. Despite strong resistance from one of Frank Fontaine's former smugglers, Peach Wilkins, Jack eventually locates Atlas' family, who are trapped inside a submersible. At this point, Atlas reveals himself to Jack for the first time: the two, however, are at quite a distance from each other. As Atlas is attempting to free his family from the submersible, Andrew Ryan orders his splicers to prevent this at all costs. After a brief shootout, Atlas is forced to retreat, and Patrick and Moira are killed by Ryan's splicers after their submersible is destroyed. After this event, Atlas' objective changes from escape, to revenge, and asks Jack to aid him in the assassination of Andrew Ryan.

Despite encountering many problems, such as Sander Cohen in Fort Frolic, and the door lock outside Ryan's office in Hephaestus, Jack hunts Ryan down, and bludgeons him to death with his own golf club. Shortly after this, Atlas informs Jack of his true identity—Frank Fontaine, a smuggler and ex-mobster who rose to become powerful enough in Rapture's society to challenge Andrew Ryan's position as leader of the metropolis, mostly through his control of the supply of ADAM.

Atlas was a name first undertaken by Fontaine after he faked his own death in 1958. Fontaine was supposedly killed during a "fiery" shootout with Ryan's chief of security, Sullivan, on 12 September 1958, outside Fontaine Fisheries. Fontaine refers to his "Atlas" alias as "the longest con," assuming the role of a working-class liberator for nearly two years. Whilst posing as Atlas, Fontaine lead the New Year's Eve 1958 riots against Rapture's upper-class in the Kashmir Restaurant, and commanded an entire army against Andrew Ryan during the Rapture civil war.

Fontaine had been controlling Jack's actions, via the use of the trigger phrase "Would you kindly...?". Due to Jack's mental conditioning, shortly after his birth, Jack is forced to obey every order without question after this particular phrase is used. As Andrew Ryan explains this shortly before Jack murders him, Jack finally learns that Atlas, the one man in Rapture who Jack trusted, had been using the phrase to control him ever since he arrived in the city. Fontaine later reveals to Jack that Atlas' wife and son, "Patrick and Moira," were all a lie, and the name's "Patrick and Moira," were taken from a popular stage show written by Sander Cohen of the same name, and the only reason he informed Jack that he had this family was to coax him into believing that Ryan was evil enough to murder a woman and young child, thus making Jack agree to kill Ryan, willingly (although Fontaine could have ordered him to do this anyway, with the use of the "Would you kindly...?" trigger phrase, it is likely that Fontaine decided to make Jack more compliant by persuading him to agree to this demand, making the whole process for him much easier, and not having to worry about Jack finding a way to break the mental control). After Ryan's death, Fontaine orders several security bots to kill Jack. However, he narrowly escapes death with the help of Brigid Tenenbaum's Little Sisters. After this, Tenenbaum herself cures Jack of his mental conditioning, and provides him with the antidote to the "code yellow" trigger phrase, another aspect of Fontaine's mental conditioning he had over Jack, when spoken out loud, this would prevent Jack's heart from beating. After being freed from all of Fontaine's mental control, Jack is finally able to confront "Atlas" and defeat him, with the help of five Little Sisters.

Frank Fontaine

Frank Fontaine is the primary antagonist of BioShock (though this is not officially known until very late in the game). The owner of a small fishery, located in Neptune's Bounty known as "Fontaine Fisheries," Fontaine decided to expand on his income, smuggling in high demand contraband into Rapture. His smugglers were among the first to discover the Sea Slug which naturally provided ADAM.

After he was approached by Brigid Tennenbaum, who asked Fontaine to fund her research into the discovery, he understood the business possibilities in the endeavor, unlike many other respectable researching firms within Rapture, who all turned Tenenbaum away, refusing to fund her research. Fontaine set up "Fontaine Futuristics" and hired Dr. Yi Suchong and Dr. Tennenbaum to develop genetic altering substances known as "Plasmids" and "Gene Tonics." These proved to be highly successful, and Fontaine became one of the richest citizens in Rapture, owning the largest, most luxurious apartment in Mercury Suites, arguably the most lavish home in the city.

Whilst Fontaine's success originally pleased Andrew Ryan, stating that he was exactly the right type of person who should be inhabiting Rapture, he soon became aware of Fontaine's smuggling, and ordered his chief of security, Sullivan, to crack down on the smuggling ring, using increasingly severe methods to gather information on Fontaine and his smugglers.

Facing growing pressure from Ryan, Fontaine managed to acquire Ryan's illegitimate son, whom he bought from the mother, Jasmine Jolene (after Ryan became aware of this, he brutally killed her). Fontaine asked Doctor Suchong to make Ryan's son (named Jack) obey any command with the phrase "would you kindly," and also used Lot 111 to accelerate his growth, giving him the body of a 19 year-old at 1 year of age. Fontaine made Jack live on the surface as a sleeper agent, and would order Jack to return to Rapture when needed.

Fontaine was apparently "killed" in a fiery shootout with Andrew Ryan's men, led by Sullivan, on September 12, 1958. However, Fontaine actually faked his own death, and later reappeared under his new identity of "Atlas". On New Year's Eve 1958, "Atlas" and his followers began to riot, targeting the Kashmir Restaurant. This would start a civil war between Atlas and Ryan, which caused Rapture's downfall.

In late 1959, Dr. Yi Suchong approached Andrew Ryan with a proposition. This included the release of "pheromones" into Rapture's oxygen supply, making all of Fontaine/Atlas' followers vulnerable to Ryan's mental control. Although "free will" was something that Ryan was determined to allow Rapture's citizens to keep, he agreed to Suchong's proposal. No longer with any support, Fontaine/Atlas was forced into hiding.

As a last resort, Fontaine activated his sleeper agent, Jack, sending him a parcel with the words "To Jack, with love from Mom & Dad. Would you kindly not open until 63° 2° N, 29° 55° W" (making Rapture's location roughly 433 kilometers west of Iceland's capital, Reykjavík). Jack boards the Apollo Air Flight DF-0301, and opens the parcel at the co-ordinates given to him. Within the parcel, there is a pistol, and a note ordering Jack to hijack and crash the plane. Jack does this, and the plane crashes into the sea, just outside the "lighthouse" which provides the only entrance to the Rapture from the surface (although Jack has vague recollection of this event afterward). Jack is the only survivor of the crash, and is forced to swim towards the only land in sight, the "lighthouse." Within this building, he finds a bathysphere, which Jack boards, unknowingly. This bathysphere leads straight to the underwater city of Rapture.

Atlas/Fontaine acts as Jack's guide through Rapture. Whilst posing as the working-class Irishman, Fontaine never gave Jack the chance to see him face-to-face, except during an extremely brief moment when Jack watches Fontaine/Atlas attempt to free his "family" from the submersible they're trapped inside. After Andrew Ryan's assassination, at Jack's hand, "Atlas" finally reveals to Jack his true identity. Fontaine tells Jack that his objective was not simply to take power in Rapture, but to use Rapture's superior technology, and the ADAM that had been discovered there, to extend his influence to the surface, and become the richest business magnate on the planet.

After Jack frees himself from the mental control Fontaine has over Jack (with the help of Brigid Tenenbaum), he meets Fontaine in person, in an area of Rapture known as "Point Prometheus". Fontaine is at first afraid to fight Jack, and barricades himself in Point Prometheus. He begins to splice himself for the first time, claiming that he "never spliced up once the whole time [he] was down here in this aquarium. Figured it was bad to mix business with pleasure."

When Jack hunts Fontaine down, he had spliced himself into an inhuman, deformed monster. While fighting Fontaine, the only way Jack can defeat him is for Jack to extract all the ADAM out of him with the use of a Little Sisters needle, until he is weakened to the stage where he is ambushed and killed by five Little Sisters. They all stab Fontaine several times with their ADAM extraction needles, draining all of the remaining ADAM from his body and killing him.

Sander Cohen

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A close friend of Andrew Ryan. Cohen was a poet, artist and songwriter who resides in an area of Rapture known as Fort Frolic. At the time the events of BioShock take place, Cohen has been driven severely insane by overuse of plasmids, and lack of appreiciation for his work. He serves as the primary antagonist for the Fort Frolic level.

Brigid Tenenbaum

Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum (although her first name was incorrectly written as Bridgette when the player enters her apartment in BioShock) was a genetic scientist in Rapture, who originally helped develop ADAM. She is also the creator of the Little Sisters and their safety is in her best interests. She acts as a sort of "mother" towards them, calling them her "little ones." In BioShock, the player is able to gain her trust and allegiance by "rescuing" the Little Sisters instead of harvesting (killing).

Before her arrival in Rapture, she worked as a young researcher in a German concentration camp. Her vast scientific knowledge allowed her to win favour with the camp's scientists, often correcting their mistakes. By her sixteenth birthday, she had gained a reputation as a scientific genius. However, in 1946, she mysteriously disappeared. Rumours circulated that she had been taken to America or the Soviet Union, as many scientists were after the Second World War. However, her true destination was Rapture.

Whilst living in Rapture, Tenenbaum became a major figure in Rapture's science community. One day, whilst wandering around the docks of Port Neptune, she came across a smuggler whose hand had been paralyzed during the Second World War. Strangely, his hand had been revived to normal function after he was bitten by a mysterious sea slug that had never before been discovered. After relentless research, she discovered that the Slug was capable of repairing damaged cells, even resurrecting dead ones. She also discovered the functions of a new substance that the Sea Slugs naturally produced, known as "ADAM", which allowed people to re-write (known as "splicing") their DNA, giving Rapture's inhabitants the ability to use "Plasmids", special serums, injected into the arm, made from processed ADAM that add new special stem cells into the body, allowing for genetic modification.

Tenenbaum's new discovery was initially turned away by all of the major researching facilities in Rapture. However, a smuggler, known as Frank Fontaine, was one of the few men that recognized the value of her new discovery and agreed to fund her research. Unfortunately, the Sea Slugs did not produce enough ADAM to satisfy supply and demand, and at Fontain's request, she developed a way to mass produce ADAM using the bodies of young girls (judging by their size and voice, around seven to eight years of age), creating the Little Sisters. Tenenbaum was soon able to get her discovery recognized throughout Rapture and she quickly became amongst some of the most well known women in Rapture, ensuring enormous financial success for her benefactor and Fontaine's new business, Fontaine Futuristics. However, It soon became obvious that ADAM was highly addictive, causing mental and physical deterioration if used excessively.

As Tenenbaum continued to work for Fontaine and his company, she became increasingly distressed over the thought of what she was doing to the little girls. Coming to the conclusion that she was creating inhuman monsters simply to further her own gain. She slowly began to hate herself for what she had done. Despite her moral objections, She continued her research for Fontaine to the point that she became influential in the development of his emergency "back-up plan", Jack, Andrew Ryan's illegitimate son, purchasing the embryo from Jasmine Jolene, Ryan's mistress on behalf of Fontaine. However, prior to when Fontaine went into hiding, Tenenbaum had an argument with him and she disappeared from the public eye, leaving her luxury apartment in Mercury Suites to take up residence in her sanctuary for Little Sisters. Most of Rapture believed her to be insane by this point, but as the Rapture Civil War brewed she began kidnapping Little Sisters from the streets in an attempt to turn them human again.

By the time Jack arrives in Rapture in 1960, Tenenbaum has devoted her life to caring for the Little Sisters. She gives Jack a plasmid which allows him to rescue the Little Sisters, killing the ADAM Slug inside of them, converting them back to their human form. However, the player does have the choice whether or not to use this plasmid, as one will only gain 80 ADAM from the Little Sister if one chooses to rescue them, and alternatively, the player will gain 160 ADAM if one chooses to "harvest" them, killing the Little Sister in the process. If the player does choose to rescue them, they will be rewarded by Tenenbaum for every three Little Sisters he rescues, usually with 200 ADAM, along with rare plasmids and ammunition.

Tenenbaum guides the player through Rapture for the second half of the game, after Fontaine/Atlas betrays Jack. She helps Jack break through Fontaine's mental control over him, giving him free will, (see "Jack" above for more details), allowing him to kill Fontaine.

She is the only character to reappear in person in BioShock 2, though in a far more minor role. She brings Subject Delta up to date on Rapture's descent into deprivation and its ultimate downfall. She also informs him of Sofia Lamb's control over Rapture, and how Splicers now make up Rapture's entire population. When Delta and Tenenbaum meet up in person, she explains to him why she must fight Sofia Lamb, she also shows Delta her "little ones" and that they are being used by Lamb for something unknown. Before Tenenbaum can explain any more, Sofia Lamb makes a live announcement to all the members loyal to The Rapture Family, informing them of Delta's location. A large wave of Lamb's Splicers then attack Delta in the station. Tenenbaum, fearing the splicers may break into the ticket booth and injure the children, escapes with her girls and again goes into hiding, cutting off radio contact with Delta, but still planning to save the Little Sisters. She leaves Delta with a close, but suspicious ally named Augustus Sinclair and she is not seen again for the rest of the game. Her fate is unknown. However, she probably managed to escape to the surface, along with her children.

Secondary Characters

Julie Langford

A renowned botanist. She was responsible for growing all of the plants and trees in Arcadia Forest, which helped to provide Rapture with oxygen. When ADAM withdrawal began to destroy the minds of Rapture's citizens, Langford remained oddly detached from the surrounding situation, as she was primarily concerned with her scientific research on plants. When Andrew Ryan released a toxic chemical into the environment that destroyed all of the plants in Arcadia, Atlas told Jack to seek out Langford, to see if she could help. However, when Jack finally reached Langford, Ryan flooded her office with a toxic gas, killing her. Despite Langford's death, Jack still managed to save Arcadia's forests, through the use of the professor's experimental Lazarus Vector, a gas capable of resurrecting dead plant life.


Sullivan was Andrew Ryan's chief of Security, who was often ordered to do Ryan's dirty work. Although Sullivan would always obey him, he would often question the morality of his orders. He was put in charge of bringing down Frank Fontaine's smuggling business, and eventually resorted to torture to gather information from Fontaine's men.

After it was believed that Sullivan and his officers had killed Fontaine in a "fiery" shootout on September 12, 1958 (although Fontaine faked his own death), he was put in charge of the case of Anna Culpepper, a musician from Fort Frolic who criticized both Andrew Ryan and Sander Cohen in song. In an audio diary, found in Culpepper's apartment in Mercury Suites, Sullivan reveals that he did in fact murder her, following orders from Andrew Ryan, leaving her body in the bathtub. Judging by his tone of voice and a short speech he gives about finding a green blanket on Culpepper's bed, Sullivan became overwhelmed with guilt, making it likely his cause of death (if he is indeed deceased) was suicide, out of remorse for his deeds. His possible corpse can be found in Neptune's Bounty, as it contains one of his audio diaries. However, the fact that Sullivan is indeed dead is speculative at best.

Peach Wilkins

Wilkins is possibly one of the few unspliced citizens that remain in Rapture, who is apparently in charge of Frank Fontaine's former crew of smugglers. Wilkins has taken refuge in Fontaine's old business, 'Fontaine Fisheries.' Jack needs to proceed through the fisheries to reach Atlas' family. However, Wilkins demands that Jack researches three 'Spider Spilcers' with a Camera which Wilkins has spotted in Neptune's bounty. Jack completes Peach's demands and is allowed into the Fisheries.

Wilkins begins to show signs of Paranoia and attacks the player, believing him to be working for Frank Fontaine (considering the fact that Atlas is indeed Fontaine means that Wilkins had rather discovered "Atlas's" true identity, or was simply paranoid.) The player manages to kill Wilkins and proceeds onwards to the Smuggler's Hideout.

Yi Suchong

Dr. Yi Suchong was born c. 1910 in Nanking (Nanjing today), China. In 1937, most of the residents in his city were killed by Japanese soldiers, which was later to be known as the Nanking Massacre, or The rape of Nanking. Suchong was presumably spared because he supplied the Japanese troops with Opium. Suchong's disappearance was reported in a Chinese newspaper in 1947. His destination was Rapture.

Suchong quickly became a notable medical researcher within the underwater city, who invented many popular plasmids including Telekinesis and Enrage, in addition to being the brain-father of the Big Daddies. He was also involved with the creation of the Vita-Chamber and was responsible for adding the "pheromones" in Rapture which made all the Splicers susceptible to Andrew Ryan's mental suggestion. He also made Jack vulnerable to the "Would you kindly" phrase. He is killed by a Big Daddy, after striking a Little Sister, not realising what the response would be. His corpse can still be found in Apollo Square, still impaled to the desk by the drill.

Dr. Steinman

Doctor J.S. Steinman is the first "boss" the player fights in Rapture. A renowned surgeon in the field of plastic surgery, Steinman was one of the citizens who were invited to live in Rapture personally by Andrew Ryan. Upon arrival in the underwater city, Steinman set up a medical practice in the Medical Pavilion part of Rapture.

By the time Jack arrives in Rapture, the effects of ADAM and his obsession with "beauty" have driven Steinman insane, causing him to often kill or horrifically mutilate his patients. However, despite his obvious insanity, Jack can sometimes hear splicers mentioning how Steinman will fix their deformities. Atlas informs Jack that he will need the key from Steinman to proceed to Neptune's Bounty.

Jack locates and after a lengthly battle, eventually kills Steinman, leaving Atlas to comment "It was time someone took care of that sick bastard." Jack then proceeds to use Steinman's key, ending the security lockdown, allowing access to the bathyspheres.

Minor Characters

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  • Angelina, A ghost who Jack encounters in Arcadia, she is in love with Dieter Sonnekalb.
  • Anya Andersdotter, a designer of women's shoes. As Rapture descended into chaos, she decided to assassinate Andrew Ryan, though she failed, and was herself killed, most likely by Ryan's splicers.


  • Brenda, the owner of the Kashmir Restaurant. She apparently survived Rapture's civil war. The player encounters her in the Welcome to Rapture level, seen quarelling with her possible lover, Charlie. She can be killed by the player.
  • Steve Barker, the owner of the footlight theatre, most likely killed by Brenda after complaining about the state of her restaurant.


  • Charlie, the possible lover of Brenda, the owner of the Kashmir restaurant. The player encounters the couple in the Welcome to Rapture level. At this point, Charlie can be killed by the player.
  • Anna Culpepper, a singer in Fort Frolic. She angered both Andrew Ryan and Sander Cohen in song, leading to her being murdered by Sullivan, Ryan's security chief.
  • Silas Cobb, the owner of the Rapture Records record store. Cobb was one of Sander Cohen's former disciples, who apparently angered Cohen in some way. In in the Fort Frolic level, Cohen demands that Jack murders Cobb, and photographs his corpse, which he reluctantly does.


  • Marianne Dellahunt, an upper-class citizen of Rapture.
  • Tasha Denu, owner of the Silverwing Apiary. She has a hatred of Prof. Julie Langford, threatening to shoot her if she comes near her business again.


  • Kyle Fitzpatrick, one of Sander Cohen's former diciples, who apparently angered Cohen in some way. As a means of punishment for his unknown actions, Cohen chained him to a piano, wired with explosives, forcing him to play Cohen's scherzo #7. After a short time, Fitzpatrick refuses to play, prompting Cohen to detonate the explosives, killing him.
  • Martin Finnegan, one of Sander Cohen's former diciples, who apparently angered Cohen in some form. Cohen had previously trapped Finnegan in an iced-over tunnel in Fort Frolic. Unfortunately for Cohen, this seems to have backfired, as Finnegan has spliced himself to the point where the cold no longer bothers him, dubbing himself the "iceman." In the Fort Frolic level, Cohen demands that Jack murders Finnegan, and photographs his corpse, which he reluctantly does.


  • Gregory, a businessman and an apparent rival of Frank Fontaine.
  • Pierre Gobbi, A Frenchman, dissatisfied with Rapture's living conditions.


  • Winston Hoffner, a deceased man and the possible owner of Le Marquis D'Epoque,

a business seen several times throughout the BioShock series.

  • Timmy H., one of Frank Fontaine's smugglers. He was captured by Ryan's secruity forces and tortured to death by Patrick, under orders from Sullivan.


  • Jasmine Jolene, an exotic dancer and a former mistress of Andrew Ryan. After becoming pregnant with Ryan's child, she was approached by Frank Fontaine and Brigid Tenenabaum who offered to purchase the embryo from her. She agreed for financial reasons. After Ryan became aware of this, he brutally killed her.
  • Johnny, a friend and accomplice of Atlas. He was killed by Rose, a female spider splicer moments after Jack arrives in Rapture.


  • Albert Kinkaide, founder of the Rapture Metro, the transportation service the player uses to move throughout Rapture.
  • Kyburz, An Australian who is the main supervisor in Hephaestus, having a large office there. As the civil war broke out, he decided to assassinate Andrew Ryan, hoping to restore order. This ultimately failed, and like Bill McDonaugh and Anya Andersdotter, he was killed, most likely by Ryan's splicers. Apparently, he became paranoid at one point, leaving trap arrows strung all throughout the hall that led to his hideout.


  • Masha Lutz, the daughter of Mariska and Sam Lutz. She is converted into a little sister, much to her parents dismay.
  • Samuel Lutz, the Husband of Mariska Lutz, and the father of Masha Lutz. Samuel, along with his wife, commited suicide. Likely in grief after discovering the fate of their daughter.
  • Mariska Lutz, the wife of Samuel Lutz, and the mother of Masha Lutz. Mariska, along with her husband, commited suicide. Likely in grief after discovering the fate of their daughter.


  • Bill McDonaugh, a contracter, who speaks with a strong cockney accent and an apparent friend of Andrew Ryan. McDonaugh was a member of the Rapture Council before the city's downfall. Upon the outbreak of the Rapture civil war, McDonaugh decided to restore order by assassinating Andrew Ryan. Along with other conspirators
  • Albert Milonakis, a working-class citizen of Rapture, most likely killed during the Rapture civil war.
  • Diane McClintock, a former lover of Andrew Ryan, who sided with Atlas during the Rapture civil war. It is implied she was killed by Atlas after discovering his true identity, that of Frank Fontaine.


  • Pablo Navarro, a maintenance worker in Hephaestus, employed under Kyburz. He appears to be an extreme opportunist.


  • Paparazzi, a reporter for one of Rapture's newspapers. He seemed to be interested in Frank Fontaine's social life, often spying on him. His corpse can be found a few feet away from his camera. He was most likely killed by one of Fontaine's men, or Fontaine himself.
  • Patrick, a man unemployed under security chief, Sullivan. He tortuted Timmy H. to death, under Sullivan's orders.


  • Rose, a female spider splicer who kills Atlas' friend, Johnny. She is later killed by the player in the Neptune's Bounty level.
  • Hector Rodriguez, one of Sander Cohen's former diciples, who had apparently angered Cohen in some way. Cohen demands that jack murders Rodriguez, and photographs his corpse. Jack finds Rodriguez in the Eve's Garden strip club, where Jack ultimately kills him.
  • Rosenberg, a close accomplice of Andrew Ryan often offering him advice, which Ryan usually takes no notice of.


  • Dieter Sonnekalb, a ghost who Jack encounters in Arcadia. He appears to be romantically involved with Angelina.


  • Roland Wallace, a test subject in Dr. Suchong's plasmid trials. He was apparently driven aggresively violent by the Enrage plasmid, causing him to kill a nurse.
  • Lloyd Webster, the owner of Circus of Value vending, a chain of vending machines the player encounters frequently throughout both BioShock games.

BioShock 2

Main Characters

Subject Delta

Subject Delta is a prototype Big Daddy and the first to successfully be bonded to a Little Sister. Besides having access to standard Big Daddy weaponry, he can also use Plasmids and has a certain degree of free will. Formerly a deep-sea diver from the surface world who discovered Rapture, he was known as "Johnny Topside" by the locals. Although he quickly became popular amongst the citizens in Rapture, Andrew Ryan did not trust him, believing him to be a government agent, sent to spy on Rapture. Stanley Poole, a writer for the Rapture tribune, who had previously wrote an article on "Johnny Topside", handed him over to Andrew Ryan leading to him being locked up in Persephone (a prison in Rapture built for Ryan by Augustus Sinclair). Whilst in Persephone, he underwent the process of becoming an Alpha-Series Big Daddy (coincidentally the first Big Daddy to be bonded to a Little Sister) bonded to Eleanor Lamb, daughter of Sofia Lamb, who had recently become a Little Sister (also because of Stanley Poole, who kidnapped Eleanor and placed her in the Little Sister orphanage).

During New Year's Eve of 1958, Eleanor and Delta, whilst undergoing their normal duties of collecting ADAM, were attacked by a group of splicers under Sofia Lamb, who proceeded to use the Hypnotize Plasmid upon Delta which allowed Sofia to force Delta to commit suicide with a pistol shot to the head. A decade later, Eleanor managed to contact Tenenbaum via the Little Sisters and the two reprogrammed the Vita-Chambers to match Delta's DNA, eventually reviving him.

He then underwent the task of finding his bonded Little Sister, Eleanor, with the help of Augustus Sinclair, as he would die if the bond was broken. Delta finally reached Persephone, where Eleanor was being housed, and the two managed to escape to the surface with the use of Sinclair's escape pod, however Delta is mortally wounded. Delta's ultimate fate depends on the choices the player has made throughout the game; He will rather have his ADAM drained by Eleanor, and the two become a pair, with Eleanor lovingly preserving Delta's essence within herself. Another alternative is Delta does not wish to have his ADAM drained by Eleanor, choosing death, rather than let himself be a part of her. Or, another ending, Delta will not wish to have his ADAM drained by Eleanor, but she simply pushes his hand out of the way, ignoring his request, and Eleanor becomes a ruthless, and unimaginably cruel, monster.

Augustus Sinclair

Main article: Augustus Sinclair (Bioshock)

A highly successful businessman prior to Rapture's downfall. He serves as Subject Delta's guide throughout the game.

Eleanor Lamb

Eleanor Lamb, is the daughter of Sofia Lamb. Prior to Rapture's downfall; Lamb and Ryan were huge political rivals. A man named Stanley Poole was hired by Augustus Sinclair and Andrew Ryan to spy on Eleanor's mother, Sofia. When Sofia was sent to prison, Eleanor was left in the care of Grace Holloway. She discovered that Stanley was bankrupting her mother's property and threatened to report this to her mother. Panicked, he kidnapped Eleanor and sent her to the Little Sister orphanage, not knowing what her fate would be. Eleanor was soon converted into a Little Sister, and she became the first Little Sister to be successfully bonded to a Big Daddy (the Big Daddy being Subject Delta).

On New Year's Eve, 1958, Sofia Lamb (who had recently escaped from prison), set out to retrieve her daughter from Delta, during his normal rounds. Although Delta put up a good fight, killing three of the four Splicers working for Lamb, he was eventually hyponotized, which allowed Sofia Lamb to force him to commit suicide with a Luger P08 pistol with Eleanor watching.

Eleanor was then back under the care of her mother. With the help of Gil Alexander, Lamb managed to cure Eleanor's mind through psychiatry. After Andrew Ryan's death, Lamb became the new leader of Rapture. She used a religion created by Simon Wales, known as The Rapture Family to recruit more splicers for her cause. She used Eleanor to promote the religion, by claiming she was a prophet. Splicers loyal to The Rapture Family worship her, and in Siren Alley many of her childhood items are preserved as holy relics by Simon Wales; These include her dress, her ADAM extraction needle, and her Big Daddy doll. Eleanor is kept under close watch at Sofia Lamb's former Correctional facility in Persephone. Eleanor is very ashamed of her condition as a Little Sister, and thinks of herself as a "freak" due to still having the live ADAM slug in her stomach.

Even after ten years, Eleanor still remembers Delta and knows he is searching for her, as it was she who brought him back to life by reprogramming the vita-chambers to match his DNA. Throughout the course of the game, she will leave him gifts and messages written nearby. There will be messages scattered throughout Rapture left by Eleanor talking about her life growing up with Sofia and how she was raised without her Big Daddy. At the conclusion of BioShock 2, Delta reaches Eleanor in Persephone, but is stopped when Sofia Lamb, in an attempt to get rid of Delta, suffocates her daughter to the point of near-death. This fatally disrupts Delta's bond with Eleanor, causing him to pass out. In order to survive, Eleanor is forced to become a Big Sister (but she still retains the ability to think for herself). Eleanor then frees Delta from Lamb's captivity, and despite strong resistance from Sofia Lamb, Delta and Eleanor return to the surface with the use of Augustus Sinclair's escape pod. However, Delta is slowly dying because his bond with Eleanor has been severed. There are four possible endings Eleanor makes, depending on the player's choices throughout the game, these are listed below:

Best Ending: (Rescue Little Sisters, Spare certain NPC(s)) - Eleanor saves her mother, lovingly preserves Delta's essence within herself, and Little Sisters stand smiling behind her on the submersible, happy and hopeful. A sunny sky shines over a calm sea as she contemplates her future potential in the world.

Neutral Ending: (Rescue Little Sisters, Kill all NPCs) - Eleanor drowns her mother, and Delta refuses to let her preserve him, possibly feeling that she shouldn't be tainted with the essence of a murderer. Having used up the lives and energies of the Little Sisters to secure their escape, Eleanor laments being all alone in the world, and she drags her dying guardian to the edge of the submersible. As she cries in misery and pain, she thanks Delta for giving her freedom. Delta looks at his reflection in the calm seas, while a gloomy sky blocks out the sun. Feeling his life fading away, he collapses and his view shifts to a dim lighthouse in the distance, noticeable as it desperately struggles to shine in the darkness.

Bad Ending: (Rescue Little Sisters, Kill all NPCs) - Eleanor drowns her mother, calmly preserves Delta's essence within herself, and watches as the bodies of dead splicers rise to the surface. The corpse-filled ocean, which is crashing violently as a powerful thunderstorm rages overhead, foreshadows the bloody future the world might face, as it may now have to confront the full might of Rapture's godlike genetic technologies wielded by the genius and cruelty of Eleanor.

Worst Ending: (Harvest Little Sisters, Kill NPCs) - Eleanor drowns her mother, brutally harvests Delta's ADAM, experience and survival instincts for herself (against his will), and watches as the bodies of dead splicers rise to the surface. The corpse-filled ocean, which is crashing violently as a powerful thunderstorm rages overhead, foreshadows the bloody future the world will face, as it will now confront the full might of Rapture's godlike genetic technologies wielded by the ruthless genius and unimaginable cruelty of Eleanor.

Dr. Sofia Lamb

After the death of Andrew Ryan during the events of BioShock, Sofia Lamb has taken over his place as leader of Rapture, albeit with a completely different ideological view. She used Father Simon Wales' new religion, The Rapture Family, to recruit more splicers for her cause, as opposed to the use of "Pheromones", used by Andrew Ryan, which made Rapture's citizens vulnerable to mental suggestion.

Lamb was invited into Rapture by Ryan himself, as he needed an expert to deal with the psychological problems that many of Rapture's citizens faced due to living under the sea with no sunlight. However, Ryan quickly began regretting this decision after he realized that Lamb's political agenda clashed with his own. Lamb eventually gave birth to a daughter, Eleanor, and raised her in isolation so that she would be unable to occupy herself with subjects that Lamb had denounced and focus on her intelligence. Although Lamb thinks of Eleanor more as her life's work than her daughter, it is shown that she loves Eleanor very much. Ryan eventually became so tired with Lamb's ideology that he had her incarcerated, and she only managed to escape after taking control of the prison where she was held captive. Before her imprisonment, a man named Stanley Poole had been spying on Lamb for Andrew Ryan and Augustus Sinclair. Lamb's daughter, Eleanor, eventually became aware of this. Therefore, Poole kidnapped Eleanor and sent her to the Little Sister orphanage (not knowing that she would be converted into a Little Sister), where she would be the first Little Sister to be bonded to a Big Daddy (the big Daddy being Subject Delta).

On New Year's Eve, 1958, Sofia organized a plan to abduct her daughter, Eleanor, from Subject Delta during his normal rounds. During this event, a Splicer hypnotized Delta, allowing Sofia Lamb to command Delta to commit suicide with the use of a pistol to his head (achieved by removing his helmet, also by Sofia's command).

Ten years later, in 1968, Lamb has become the new leader of Rapture. Conquering Rapture had changed Lamb, and her collectivist ideals have gone too far. She now thinks of free will as a curse, and, according to Eleanor, believes that "It would be better to have the entire world equally miserable than to allow us to strive in our own behalf". She also believes that life on the surface is a lost cause, and using ADAM to end self-awareness is the equivalent of saving the world. When Subject Delta awakens from his state of death (he is revived by a Vita-Chamber, reprogrammed to match his DNA by Eleanor Lamb), Lamb comes into conflict with him after she became aware that he is searching for the Little Sister that was bonded to him (the little sister being Eleanor Lamb). Throughout the game Lamb taunts Delta over the radio (similar to that of Andrew Ryan and Jack, in the previous game). She finally makes her appearance in Persephone where she sends two Big Sisters after Delta in a final attempt to kill him before he reaches Eleanor. Unfortunately for Lamb, her attempt was unsuccessful, and she realizes the only way to stop him is to break the bond between Delta and Eleanor, which would put him in a coma. She then smothers (though not killing) Eleanor before his eyes, fatally disrupting their bond. At the conclusion of Bioshock 2, Sofia Lamb joins Eleanor and Delta in Augustus Sinclair's escape pod to the surface while still trying to win back her daughter's allegiance (by that time, Eleanor knew that the philosophy of her mother was just as corrupt as that of Andrew Ryan). Sofia Lamb's ultimate fate depends on how the player has acted throughout the events of the game: if Delta has saved most of the Little Sisters and spared the NPC(s) then Eleanor will forgive her mother and save her from drowning; however, if Delta chose to harvest most of the Little Sisters and kill the NPC(s) then Sofia will drown before reaching the surface, dragged under and killed by her daughter.

Secondary Characters

Grace Holloway

On the surface, Grace Holloway lived in a hooverville in St. Louis, Missouri, along with the rest of her family. After her arrival in Rapture, Grace took up residence in Pauper's Drop, Rapture's slum. With the hopes of starting a family and to further herself in her Blues singing career. She soon became a popular singer in Pauper's Drop, regularly singing in a Jazz club known as "The Limbo Room." Grace saw the tyranny of Andrew Ryan and the other members of Rapture's elite society, such as Frank Fontaine, who would often profit from the city's poorer citizens, but overall ignore their problems. She began singing songs about these themes, describing what it was truly like to live in Rapture. Through her singing she met a man named James, whom she fell in love with.

Holloway's own personal problems and her growing financial troubles due to Rapture's economic depression led her to attend one of Sofia Lamb's mental counseling sessions. She was highly impressed that Lamb, who was one of the few citizens among Rapture's elite society, actually cared for the poor. As a result, she voluntarily began distributing Lamb's pamphlets at The Limbo Room, spreading Lamb's ideology among the citizens of Pauper's Drop, as well as adding more fervor to her songs against Andrew Ryan. However, none of this went unnoticed by Ryan, and as a result he instituted extremely harsh measures against any dissidents in Rapture. One of the people to "disappear" was Holloway's romantic partner, James. After this, Grace, under fear of suffering a similar fate, stopped singing her controversial "anti-Ryan" songs and instead began singing pro-Rapture propaganda such as Sander Cohen's "Rise, Rapture, Rise".

However, Grace never stopped supporting Lamb, and when Lamb was incarcerated in Ryan's detention facility "Persephone", her daughter Eleanor was placed in Grace's care. This pleased Holloway, as she had always longed for a child of her own. However, this short period of happiness ended quickly following Eleanor's kidnapping by Stanley Poole and (unbeknownst to him) her conversion into a Little Sister. Grace was highly distraught over losing Lamb's child, and felt highly guilty knowing she had failed Sofia's only request. Holloway only became aware of what Eleanor had become when she saw her walking together with Subject Delta, on their normal rounds gathering ADAM. She attempted to hold Eleanor, but was beaten down by Subject Delta, breaking her jaw. Because of this, she immediately assumed that it was Delta who had kidnapped Eleanor, and from then on, despised all Big Daddies (Delta in particular).

In BioShock 2 Subject Delta encounters Grace in Augustus Sinclair's hotel "The Sinclair Deluxe". Grace had used Lamb's splicers to throw out Sinclair and had taken control of it herself. Delta needed to acquire an access key from her in order to continue his journey along the Atlantic Express railway. It isn't long before Holloway becomes aware of Delta's presence in Pauper's Drop and uses her radio to order Splicers, loyal to the Rapture Family to murder him. She refers to Delta as "Tin Daddy" and provokes Splicers to attack him whenever he gathers ADAM with a Little Sister. Eventually Delta manages to reach the top floor of the Sinclair Deluxe, and confronts her in her safe room. She is weak, old and puts up virtually no resistance, so she allows him to take the key but taunts him, ordering Delta to kill her because "that's all your [Delta] kind are good for".

The player can choose whether or not to kill her, and the outcome of the player's choice partially affects the plot of the game. If Delta allows Grace to live, she will change her opinion of Delta, and all Big Daddies, and give him some friendly Security Bots to help him escape from the hotel, as well as sending Delta some helpful supplies through the pneumo tube in Siren Alley. Afterward she is never heard or seen again, leaving her ultimate fate unknown.

Stanley Poole

Once a reporter for one of the major newspapers in Rapture, the "Rapture Tribune" (which people eventually stopped reading, finding "other uses" for it, as Stanley claims). Poole was ordered by Andrew Ryan to spy on Sofia Lamb's so-called religion "The Rapture Family", prior to Rapture's civil war, which left the city in ruin. He was left in charge of Dionysus, and was instrumental in its downfall.

Whilst reporting for the Rapture Tribune, Poole became linked with business magnate Augustus Sinclair, who repeatedly bribed Stanley as a way to ensure that he didn't report on any of Sinclair's business secrets. Sinclair formed a pseudo-legal organization and surreptitiously worked for Andrew Ryan, handling all of Ryan's political problems and rivalries. Sinclair offered Poole a job, which Sinclair claimed would "change history". Ryan wanted concrete evidence that Lamb's ideology went even further than that of a private religion (which was illegal in Rapture), and was more of an underground movement that needed to be halted. Ryan needed Lamb's activities in Dionysus Park to be stopped. Sinclair's plan was to use Poole to infiltrate Sofia Lamb's underground cult inside Dionysus Park, using Father Simon Wales, one of Lamb's high ranking members of the family, and one of Rapture's two main architects (the other being his brother, Daniel Wales) to easily accomplish this mission. Poole played his part of deception well, and even Sofia Lamb herself was genuinely convinced that he wanted to become a member. As time went by, Poole steadily came under intense pressure from Ryan's agents, and Eleanor Lamb, the daughter of Sofia Lamb, who was becoming increasingly suspicious of him. Nonetheless, Poole (anonymously) reported Sofia Lamb's planning of an insurrection to take control of the underwater city, and was then placed in charge of Dionysus Park. There, he threw upper-class parties at Sofia Lamb's expense. This, however, did not go unnoticed by Eleanor Lamb. She delivered an ultimatum to Poole, and claimed that she would report his actions to her mother if he continued. Determined to stop this, he handed Eleanor over to the Frank Fontaine's "Little Sisters Orphanage", without knowing that her fate would be that of a Little Sister. Poole became increasingly paranoid, and feared that all the members of Sofia's "Rapture Family" would tell her of Stanley's appalling conduct in Dionysus Park once she returned from Persephone (Rapture's detention centre, built for Andrew Ryan by Augustus Sinclair). After discovering a major flaw in Dionysus Park's architecture, he used it to flood the whole park, during a party, which drowned all witnesses, and covered up what he had done there.

During the events of BioShock 2, Subject Delta drains Dionysus Park, returning it to its once dry state. The Little Sisters then began venturing through the park, in search for ADAM to return to Sofia Lamb (by this point she had escaped from prison and become the leader of Rapture). Poole could not let this happen, as ADAM absorbs the memories of its previous users, and even after several years, the corpses of all the witnesses he killed were still present and Stanley feared his secret will be revealed. Stanley blackmails Subject Delta to prevent the Little Sisters from harvesting ADAM from the witnesses corpses. To ensure Delta complies, he locks himself inside the control booth of The "Atlantic Express" (Rapture's train service) station in Dionysus Park in order to stop Delta from proceeding forward until he completes this task.

With Eleanor Lamb's help, Delta is able to view the memories within the ADAM, witnessing the events which are listed above. Once all the Little Sisters have been rescued or harvested by Delta, Stanley allows Delta to access the railway service, enabling him to proceed. Just before Delta goes onward to his next location, Fontaine Futuristics (a major company once owned by Frank Fontaine), Delta and Stanley are informed by Lamb herself that she was always aware of Poole's betrayal and conduct, and had forgiven him long ago. Despite this, she lets Delta decide whether or not Stanley lives or dies. The result of the player's decision will have a small impact on the game's ending.

Gilbert Alexander

Gilbert Alexander was one of Rapture's leading scientists, under the employment of Andrew Ryan. Along with Augustus Sinclair, he developed the Vita-Chamber, as well as being highly influential in the making and upkeep of Big Daddies. Alexander was also involved in creating the developed the bond between the Big Daddies and Little Sisters, beginning with Eleanor Lamb and Subject Delta.

Not knowing the identity of Eleanor when he turned her into a Little Sister, Alexander came to regret his actions and sided with Lamb. He volunteered to be the main candidate in the "Utopian Project", in which the primary subject (Alexander) of the procedure would be infused with the entire collective genius of Rapture's minds via an infusion of high amounts of ADAM, suppressing his own identity in the process. However, The plan failed, and Alexander became monstrously insane and horrifically deformed, growing to an enormous size and forced to live inside a tank intended for deep-sea life.

Now under the pseudonym "Alex the Great", Alexander dominates over "Fontaine Futuristics" (a company previously owned by Frank Fontaine), with control over all of the Splicers and Alpha Series Big Daddies in the vicinity. Subject Delta is required to retrieve his genetic key card in order to progress to Persephone, an ex-detention facility, now used as a stronghold by Sofia Lamb, in which, her daughter Eleanor is being held. He leaves audio messages recorded before his insanity in order to help the player. In his final message, he asks Delta to electrify the holding chamber where he resides now, killing him, fulfilling Gil's wish to be released from his inhuman state. However, his alter-ego, the heavily spliced "Alex the Great" now begs for mercy, promising Delta he will exit the tank he resides in and go out to live in the ocean if spared.

Simon Wales

Father Simon Wales was a key ally under Sofia Lamb's service. He and Lamb created a religion known as "The Rapture Family" based on Lamb's political ideology. Lamb used The Rapture Family to recruit more splicers for her cause.

Simon Wales, along with his brother, Daniel, owned a company known as "Wales & Wales," which was commissioned by Andrew Ryan to be Rapture's chief architects, which both Daniel and Simon reluctantly accepted.

During BioShock 2, Delta encounters Simon Wales in Siren Alley. The player needs to recover a key from Wales to access the pump station, allowing him to travel to Dionysus Park. Wales makes his first appearance in Little Eden Plaza, as Delta approaches him, he leaps away, displaying the typical movements of a Spider Splicer. He escapes and remains hostile to Delta, seeing him as an enemy of the Rapture Family as he wants to take Eleanor Lamb away from them. Wales becomes enraged after Delta murders his brother, Daniel, in the Pink Pearl. Finally he is encountered in his sanctuary and assassinated by Delta.

Daniel Wales

On the surface, Daniel, and his brother, Simon were both respectable architects who owned their own firm "Wales & Wales." Despite designing several cathedrals, Daniel was a devout Atheist. When Andrew Ryan commissioned Wales & Wales to design Rapture, Daniel reluctantly accepted the opportunity, and was happy to finally build "a cathedral with no god."

Both Daniel and Simon wales both took up residence in an area of Rapture known as "Siren Alley." Unfortunately for the Wales' brothers, their architecture firm began to deteriorate, as Rapture slowly began to leak and Wales & Wales could not longer find new contacts. Daniel began to resent his brother, Simon, after he adopted the teachings of Sofia Lamb and took on the title "Father Wales."

After Wales & Wales' bankruptcy, Daniel began running the Pink Pearl brothel, indulged in heavy binge drinking and Splicing.

Subject Delta encounters Daniel in the Pink Pearl brothel whilst travelling through Siren Alley. Delta needs to obtain the code to Pumping Station #5 from him in order to proceed forward in the level. Upon sight of Delta, Daniel instantly assumes he intends to murder him, and sets out to kill Delta himself. Although Daniel puts up a good fight, he is eventually killed by Delta.

Minor Characters

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  • Amir, a childhood friend of Eleanor Lamb.


  • Jamie Byass, A plasmid seller who did business with an illegal plasmid laboratory hidden in Joe's Green Groceries.
  • Silas Bantam, the owner of the Souvenir shop in Ryan amusemnts. He did business with Augustus Sinclair, having his merchandise made cheaply by poor labourers in Pauper's drop.


  • Nina Carnegie, a woman watching over the children in Mrs. Englert's third-grade English class, as they spent the 1958 New Year's Eve in Ryan Amusements. She became trapped in the park during the subsequent riots that followed, forced Carnegie to give the rest of her supplies to the children. Her corpse can be found in Ryan Amusements, indicating she starved to death.
  • Connor, a prisoner in Persephone, Rapture's penal colony.


  • Dusky Donovan, a prostitue working in the Pink Pearl brothel under the employment of Daniel Wales.
  • Harold Darby, a forgetful man who coined a riddle to remember the code for a door in the Persephone penal colony. He was killed whilst recording his audio diary.
  • Donny, a student in Mrs. Englert's third-grade English class. Donny, along with the rest of the class, was trapped in Ryan amusements following the New Year's Eve riots. Supplies began to diminish, leaving the class to beg Carlson Fiddle to share his supplies, which he refused to do. Donny's fate is unknown.
  • Dodge, a prisoner in Persephone, Rapture's penal colony.


  • Mrs. Englert, the teacher of Rapture's third-grade English class.


  • Sammy Fletcher, a man who tried to escape from Rapture with his lover, Lizzy. His Bathysphere was hit by a torpedo fired by Sofia Lamb, killing both Fletcher and Lizzy.
  • Carlson Fiddle, a maker of mechanical puppets hired by Ryan to build the Ryan Amusements theme park. He was trapped in the park following the 1958 New Year's Eve riots, forcing Bantam to barricade himself in the ride maintenance garage. He planned to escape to the surface, but this apparently failed. His corpse can be found in the Ryan Amusements level.
  • Rock Flanagan, a Private Investigator in Rapture. Once the civil war broke out he was forced to pawn his camera.
  • Wilson Freeman, a manufacturer of neckties.


  • Dr. Edward Grimes, a physician who worked for Dr. Sofia Lamb in the Persephone penal colony. Before the total collapse of Rapture society he was involved with various therapy sessions and experiments on inmates of the prison. Grimes was also involved in the Little Sister program after Sofia Lamb revived it in 1967.


  • Rachelle Jacques, an upper-class resident of Rapture, dissatisfied with her husbands behaviour.
  • Stephen Jacques, the husband of Rachelle Jacques. He apparently uses gene tonics to boost himself physically, rather than exercising, much to his wife's dismay.
  • James, the lover of grace Holliway. He was abducted for speaking publicly against Andrew Ryan's motives.
  • Jimbo, an employee of Ryan Amusements and friend of Devin LeMaster. He apparently had dating problems and asked LeMaster for advice.


  • Devin LeMaster, a worker in Ryan Amusements who gave his friend advice on how to get a woman.
  • Lizzy, the girlfriend of Samuel Fletcher. She was killed by a torpedo, fired by Sofia Lamb whilst trying to escape the city in a Bathysphere.


  • Mark Meltzer, the father of Cindy Meltzer. In the mid 1960's, Cindy was kidnapped from the surface by a Big Sister, and foricbly taken to Rapture. Mark searched years for his daughter, and finally traced her whereabouts to the underwater city. Mark arrived in Rapture in 1969, the time the events of BioShock 2 take place. Mark finds his daughter, only to discover she has been converted to a Little Sister. He is captured by Sofia Lamb in Dionysus Park, and taken to Fontaine Futuristics, where he was converted into a Big Daddy. Subject Delta encounters both Mark and Cindy in the level and can choose to kill the two of them.
  • Cindy Meltzer, the daughter of Mark Meltzer. Cindy was kidnapped and taken to Rapture by a Big Sister, where she was converted into a Little Sister. Subject Delta encounters her in the Fontaine Futuristics level, where the player can Rescue her (saving Cindy), or Harvest her (killing Cindy).
  • "Big Kate" O'Malley, the supervisor of maintenance workers at the Adonis Luxury Resort and was also familiar with the mechanical infrastructure of other parts of Rapture, including Dionysus Park. She warned Bill McDonagh of the dangerous flaw in the park's structure, but she was unable to stop the incident that resulted in it flooding.
  • Prentice Mill, the owner of the Atlantic Express railway system. His company was made obsolete by the Bathysphere system, resulting in his company's bankruptcy. He was forced to relocate to Pauper's drop where apparently died of unknown causes. A shrine can be found in his honour.
  • Mattson, a prisoner in the Persephone penal colony.


  • Mike Novak, a citizen of Rapture who visited Sofia Lamb for therapy sessions. Lamb convinced him that Ryan's ideals were wrong, prompting him to go as far as to shave his head when he realised his hairstyle was exactly like Ryan's.
  • Elliot Nelson, a resident in Pauper's Drop. When he was out of work he accepted a job from Augustus Sinclair, constructing hypodermic needles during his free time at home. He would buy the needle parts from Sinclair, construct them, and then sell them back for twice the price. Nelson thought that Sinclair was a sucker for giving him such a good deal, but in reality Sinclair was charging him twice what the needle parts were worth, and paying him only a fraction of what he could get by selling the finished hypos to Ryan Industries.


  • Gloria Parson, the mother of Billy Parson and the wife of Harold Parson. After her husband's incarceration in Persephone she was forced to move to Augustus Sinclair's hotel, the Sinclair Deluxe. An accomodation notorious for its poor quality.
  • Harold Parson, the father of Billy Parson and the husband of Gloria Parson. Harold was incarerated in Persephone for pubically speaking against Andrew Ryan's motives. He hanged himself in the facility after accepting the fact that he would never see his wife or child again.
  • Billy Parson, the son of Harold and Gloria Parson. He apparently had a crush on a "Yellow-eyed" girl, leaving her a present. Subject Delta can find this gift in Dionysus Park, a box, containing a single rose.


  • Rupert, a citizen of Rapture who frequently visitied the prostitues in Siren Alley.
  • Tabias Riefers, an emplyee of Fontaine Clinics, paid to create and update new door codes on the entrance to deter desperate customers from breaking in to steal drugs or gene tonics. His corpse can be found in the Fishbowl Diner, with the code written on a newspaper in front of him. Delta is required to learn this code.
  • Jackie Rodkins, Jackie Rodkins was a resident of Pauper's Drop. He attended Simon Wales' services in Siren Alley simply because they promised a way out of Rapture.


  • Ava Tate, a female resident in Rapture. A film star and probable celebrity within the city.


  • Wilson, a prisoner in Persephone.
  • Nigel Weir, the warden of the Persephone penal colony. He seemed unaware that several prisoners had acquired part of the door code to his office and were close to attacking it.
  • Gideon Wyborn, a resident of Rapture who was an interest in the Blue Morpho butterfly, uses it to symbolise Sofia Lamb's cult, the Rapture Family.


Big Daddies

Main article: Big Daddy (BioShock)

Big Daddies (occasionally referred to as Protectors) are genetically-enhanced humans who have had their skin and organs grafted into a huge, metal diving suit (with the Alpha Series Big Daddy being an apparent exception to the grafting process). Their main purpose is to protect the Little Sisters whilst they wander the halls of Rapture, gathering ADAM.

Big Daddies, (besides the Alpha Series), communicate with each other with deep, moaning sounds similar to that of a whale's call. If the player approaches the Big Daddy's little sister, he will attempt to drive away any potential threats the player poses. If these attempts prove unsuccessful, the Big Daddy will become hostile.

Big Daddy's (as well as little sisters) were the brainchild of Dr. Yi Suchong, who knew that Little Sisters would be under great risk should they gather ADAM without any protection. Suchong presented the idea to Andrew Ryan who gave Suchong permission to go forward with his proposal.

The "candidates" (mainly criminals and Ryan's political dissidents) put forward to be converted to a Big Daddy (known as the "Protector Program") go a through voice box modification, and are applied with "pheromones" (pheromones are what attracts the Little Sisters to the Big Daddies). The candidates are then taken and placed in large vats containing a substance that virtually turns them into mindless drones. With gene splicing, the once-humans inside the diving suits are given enhanced strength and agility. Their steel suits contain life-support machinery to keep them medically stable during their duties, and allow a Big Daddy to lift extremely heavy objects with ease. The diving suits also give them the ability to resist deep pressure to a depth of up to six miles under water. Big Daddies are sometimes assigned and outfitted to do other constructive tasks around Rapture (such as repairing leaks with their rivet guns. Big Daddies have been seen doing repairs and other maintenance tasks both inside and directly outside the city).

Little Sisters

"Little Sister" is the name given to female children who have been mentally conditioned and genetically altered to harvest ADAM, (a genetic substance found in a particular Sea slug which are Indigenous to Rapture's location), from the corpses around Rapture. Little Sisters are virtually always accompanied by a "Big Daddy" protector . Due to the large amounts of ADAM they carry in their body, they are completely immune to any physical harm and have absolutely no offensive capabilities.

ADAM is only found contained within a certain species of Sea Slug, found near Rapture's location. However, the Sea slugs themselves did not produce enough ADAM naturally to begin proper research, and to satisfy supply and demand. Brigid Tenenbaum (see above), a scientist in Rapture, developed a surigcal operation in which the ADAM sea slug was implanted inside a host's stomach. After the host consumed food, which induced regurgitation, managed to yield up to thirty times the amount of ADAM that could be used. For some reason, young girls proved to be the only possible hosts for the ADAM slug (based on a Biological analysis), and after the implantation procedure they were known as "Little Sisters." Although Dr. Tenenbaum wished to maintain the girls in a non-responsive state, they had to be completely functional in all forms, in order to produce any ADAM. The girls, however, maintained several normal traits of young children: laughing, playing, smiling, and singing.

Business magnate Frank Fontaine used his new hostel for young girls, the "Little Sisters Orphanage" in Apollo Square simply as a means to obtain and supply a number of viable hosts for Tenenbaum's research. When rumours began to spread of what was really happening inside the orphanage, many began avoiding it. As a result Andrew Ryan's resorted to taking the young girls from their parents by force, promising them they will become the salvation of Rapture. Naturally, Ryan told the parents nothing about the procedure, in which the girls would occur.

Dr. Yi Suchong, another scientist within Rapture, realized that the want for ADAM was far greater than the amount created by the Little Sisters. As a result, he created a way for them to harvest and recycle used ADAM from the corpses of dead Splicers, which were scattered around Rapture, which greatly increased the amount of ADAM produced. Naturally, the girls were opposed to this request. So Suchong was forced to mentally condition the children in order to make them have a neurological impulse to feed on the blood of dead splicers and made them associate the corpses of dead Splicers with "angels" to make the process more pleasing for the young girls. With a mental drive in place, the Little Sisters gladly wandered the halls of Rapture, harvesting ADAM from the various ADAM-filled corpses. Large needles, injected into the stomach of the deceased were how the Little Sisters achieved this task.

Due to Dr. Suchong's mental conditioning, the Little Sisters see Rapture very differently from the rest of Rapture's population. Instead of the dilapidated, dark buildings, they view Rapture as immaculate and luxurious, with white marble floors, pink drapings, Boiserie and flowering plant vines growing everywhere. Little Sisters see their Big Daddy protectors as noble golden knights in shining armour, and Big Sisters as brides or princesses with elegant Ball gowns. Various statues found around the city appear as Big Daddies, and the "angels," which are in reality the corpses of dead citizens, appear with the outline of a halo and angel wings surrounding them, their blood represented by rose petals. Splicers themselves appear as upper-class, elegantly dressed men and women in full white-tie and Ball gowns, complete with masquerade ball masks. However, the little girls' view of the city is returned back to its natural state of decay if they are startled or in the process of gathering from a corpse.

Each young girl is the between the ages five and eight. In BioShock the little sisters had varying hair colours, usually Blonde or Brunette, but in BioShock 2 they are all Brunette. The girls are dressed in dirty dresses of different colours (usually pink or blue) that drop just below the knees of the girls. All the Little Sisters are barefoot whilst they wander the halls Rapture, searching for ADAM to harvest, but due to their abnormal regeneration of physical damage they can walk on virtually any hazardous surface without any problems.

Big Sisters

Big Sisters were once Little Sisters, they have become too old to carry out their original duties of harvesting ADAM, but are still under the same mental conditioning. Big Sisters wear diving suits, similar to that of their former Big Daddy protectors. Ten years after the events of BioShock, they are charged by Sofia Lamb to maintain the ecological balance within Rapture. Big Sisters combine the strength of a Big Daddy with increased speed and agility, which makes them very hard to kill. They communicate by high pitched shrieks that make Subject Delta's vision blur. Unlike Little Sisters, they are extremely aggressive. Eleanor Lamb appears to be the only one in Rapture who is granted free will and mental stability, due to her mother's efforts to destroy her Little Sister conditioning. She wears a Big Sister diving suit after releasing Subject Delta from captivity, and displays the same traits and abilities as other Big Sisters found in the game.

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