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Villain First appearance Description
Wackyman Adventure Comics Vol. 1 #233
(February 1957)
Wackyman was a clown who chose Aquaman as a his motif for comedy. He designed a costume similar to that of Aquaman and robots in the form of aquatic creatures to use in his act.
Electric Man Adventure Comics Vol. 1 #254
(November 1958)
Roy Pinto was an escaped prison convict who decided to keep a low profile. His specialty was electric eels. Constantly handling them mutated him, granting him immumity to electric shocks. Later escaped from prison with five other villains in JLA No.5 to battle the JLA, but was captured by Green Arrow.
Gustave the Great Adventure Comics Vol. 1 #261
(June 1959)
An expert animal trainer, Gustave would perform daring crimes on the side. Since Aquaman stopped him while in action, Gustave swore revenge.
Big Jim Mason Adventure Comics Vol. 1 #263
(August 1959)
A politician, Mason was the popular governor of an island nation, Comstock. However he embezzled public funds and was actively trying to sabotage the electoral campaign of his rival, Vic Wake.
Human Flying Fish Adventure Comics Vol. 1 #272
(May 1960)
Vic Bragg was a swimming champion before turning to crime, before he fell in with Dr. Krill, the brilliant medical doctor and marine biologist who had also turned to a life of crime for some unknown reasons. After several months of recovery and training, Bragg began his career as the Human Flying Fish.
Sea Demon Detective Comics vol. 1 #296
(October 1961)
Sea Demon is an ordinary human. He used a demon costume and an electrically-charged trident to exact tribute from superstitious islanders.
Qwsp Aquaman vol. 1 #1
(January–February 1962)
A being from the 5th dimension who enjoys warping reality for his own amusement.
Leron Aquaman vol. 1 #11
(September/October 1963)
Leron was a revolutionary who lived in the realm known as Dimension Aqua. He led a revolt against their world's reigning queen, Mera.
The Shark Green Lantern vol. 2 #24
(October 1963)
Originally one of Green Lantern's enemies, Aquaman fought this mutated tiger shark on various occasions.
Doctor Deering Aquaman vol. 1 #15
(May/Jun 1964)
A scientist working on a method allowing normal humans to breath underwater, the method worked on himself. The downside being unable to live on the surface. He snapped and turned to crime.
The Fisherman Aquaman vol. 2 #21
(May 1965)
A villain who uses fishing gimmicks to commit crimes.
Karla Aquaman vol. 1 #24
(November/December 1965)
Karla is an Aquaman foe whose hair has been turned to living flame. She controls her "hair" psionically for a variety of combat uses. Her fire is not affected by the undersea environment. Her body is invulnerable to the fire. She was the Leader of the Terrible Trio.
Un-Thing Aquaman vol. 1 #24
(November/December 1965)
A sexist man who is invisible underwater and member of the Terrible Trio.
Ocean Master Aquaman #29
(September 1966)
Another long-time foe of Aquaman. Ocean Master was revealed in the 1960s to be Aquaman's fully-human half-brother, Orm Marius, who had grown up in the shadow of his heroic half-brother and was jealous of his powers.
Black Manta Aquaman #35
(September 1967)
A would-be conqueror of Atlantis from the surface world and the murderer of Aquaman's infant son, Arthur. There once was a young boy in an orphanage that screamed uncontrollably whenever he was put to bed. No one suspected that the feel of the cotton sheets was agonising to him. Nor did they realise that icy cold water has the exact opposite effect. The boy was severely autistic at a time before doctors understood the condition. As a result, he was subjected to experimental treatments, one of which seemed to bring the boy to a level of cognisance considered normal. It also brought out a streak of rage and violence. The boy saw images of Aquaman on television and was drawn to the sight of the man totally submerged in his beloved water. As an adult, the orphan designed a costume and fashioned a high-tech submersible inspired by the Black Manta fish and took the name Black Manta and sought out Aquaman. Later he became a true Black Manta after making a deal with Neron, but has since changed back.
The Awesome Threesome Aquaman vol. 2 #36
(November 1967)
A trio of robotic villains made up of Claw, Magneto, and Torpedo-Man (Torp).
The Scavenger Aquaman vol. 2 #37
(January 1968)
He once wore an armored exo-skeletal diving suit and used high tech weapons. After a supposed reformation he was exposed as a pedophile called the Barracuda and killed by Hawkman.
O.G.R.E. Agents Aquaman #301
(July 1976)
Huntress, Krako, Black Manta, and Typhoon were agents of O.G.R.E.
Black Jack More Fun Comics #74
(December 1941)
Modern-day pirate adversary of the Golden Age Aquaman.
Charybdis Aquaman (Vol.5) No.1 The villain responsible for the loss of Aquaman's left hand. He is a dangerous creature that was the result of a chemical spill in the ocean that reacted badly with a shark. He was later known as Piranha Man.
Fire Trolls Unknown Gigantic enemies of the water sprites (Quisp's people) who have fire-based abilities.
Kordax Atlantis Chronicles (Vol.1) No.4 An immortal ancestor of Aquaman's who commands all sea life. Born to Queen Cora of Poseidonis but abandoned at birth due to his grotesque, green-scaled body, Kordax survived in the ocean thanks to his mental control over sea creatures. As an adult he returned to Atlantis leading an army of sharks in a failed bid for the throne. His punishment included the loss of his left hand (replaced with a sword) and banishment. He was later killed by Aquaman.
Marine Marauder I-II Adventure Comics Vol. 1 No.449 (January–February 1977) A male villain with mental control over undersea life.
Adventures of the Outsiders No.37 (September 1986) A later villainess who fought The Outsiders had the same name, costume, and powers. She always desired fame and wealth, but disliked the hard work associated with business and investments, so she turned her powers towards crime.
Piscator Suicide Squad vol. 1 No.59 A renegade Atlantean and self styled Janissary whom Aquaman fought while protecting president Marlo of Qurac. Member of the Onslaught.
Thanatos Aquaman (Vol. 1) No.54 Thanatos is a dark reflection of Aquaman. He inhabits an “other dimensional realm” known as “Netherspace” that is a kind of reverse purgatory where beings known as the “Others” keep entities until they are filled with sufficient evil to be returned to our dimension. Killed by Major Disaster, who mistook Thanatos for Aquaman.
The Thirst Aquaman (Vol. 4) No.5 The Thirst is a golem composed of dry river mud, the mystical ‘brother’ of a being called the Waterbearer, an ancient goddess. The Thirst has preyed on the deities who have watched over the Secret Sea, a metaphysical realm composed of the shared imagination of humanity, for millennia, absorbing there power. When Aquaman became guardian of the Secret Sea, the Thirst set his sights on Aquaman.
Deep Six New Gods No.2 (April–May 1971) All six fish-like members possess superhuman strength as well as the ability to breathe and function underwater, created by Darkseid. The team returns to face Aquaman and his allies Koryak and Dolphin. The new members are actually "spawns" of the original, raised in birthing chambers.
V'lana Action Comics vol. 1 No.539 (January 1983) Current Queen of Xebel a kingdom located in Dimension Aqua, and enemy of Queen Mera.
Bres Aquaman (Vol. 5) No.1 (August 1994) Bres was a citizen of the Atlantean lost city of Thierna Na Oge and a respected member of the Tuatha de Danaan. She served on the ruling city council known as the Conclave of Twelve under the leadership of her sister, King Nuada Silverhand. However, Bres was ambitious and coveted the throne for herself. She convinced the other eleven Conclave members that Nuada had fallen out of favor with the goddess, Dana, and needed to abdicate her seat.
King Shark Superboy vol.3 No.0 (October 1994) Born in Hawaii, Nanaue is a humanoid shark, his father is "The King of all Sharks" – also known as the Shark God. Other characters, such as special agent Sam Makoa, have dismissed this as superstition and referred to Nanaue as a "savage mutation" with no mystical nature.
Demon Gate Aquaman (Vol. 5) No.26 (November 1996) Kimon Tanaka was a sea captain who hunted dolphins for a living. He captured several dolphins for the Shinobi research centre, one of whom was Porm (Aquaman’s Dolphin Mother). When Kimon’s boat was destroyed he was left by Aquaman to be eaten by sharks. However, Kimon was rescued by his brother Tanaka, head of Raiden Industries. Tanaka rebuilt his brother’s body, turning him into a cyborg.
Gamesman Aquaman (Vol. 5) No.35 (August 1997) Hunter who goes after super-heroes, like Animal Man. Aquaman helps take him out.
Rhombus Aquaman (Vol. 5) No.38 (November 1997) Villain who thinks he's Deep Blue's father.
Eel Aquaman (Vol. 6) No.21 (October 2004) A criminal with mild telekinetic powers, Mort Coolidge had a career in both Gotham City and San Diego before the quake that sunk half of that city. Here he found his powers far more effective, figuring out that he had great control over water.

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