Leadfoot is the name of several fictional characters from the Transformers series. First introduced in 1994, all the characters named Leadfoot have been heroic Autobots who turn into cars. The latest one a character in the 2011 Transformers film.

Transformers: Generation 2

Sub-group(s) Jumpstarters, Wreckers
Function Rapid Defense Specialist (US), Scout (Europe)
Motto "The sleek shall inherit the earth." (US), "I'm here to show them how a battle should be won!" (Europe)
Alternate Modes Lola T93/30 Indy car
Series Transformers: Generation 2
Japanese voice actor Garry Chalk

Leadfoot was a part of Rotorforce, a group that fired rotor props from his engine.[1]

Leadfoot is totally cool under pressure - even as he infiltrates enemy base camps at 180 mph. In race car mode, he can frighten even the strongest Decepticons because they know it's best to steer clear of his fearsome firepower. He's equipped with alloy-sensitive laser circuitry that defuses enemy radar and enables him to race into battle virtually undetected, then he fires his devastating "rotoprop" weapon to destroy Decepticons in milliseconds.

Marvel Comics

Leadfoot appeared in the Marvel Transformers: Generation 2 comics.

Bludgeon, current leader of the Decepticons planned to create an army of Decepticons, so he constructed the bodies of the Rotor Force and Laser Rods. When Megatron killed Bludgeon and took back leadership of the Decepticons, one of his first actions was to steal the Matrix from Optimus Prime. The Matrix was then used to bring the new Decepticons to life.

In issue #7 Rotor Force Leadfoot, Manta Ray, Powerdive and Ransack) and the Laser Rods (Electro, Jolt, Sizzle and Volt) were sent to steal Rheanimum, a potent substance Megatron intended to use in his quest for power, from the planet Tykos.

They would appear again in the Autobot-Decepticon alliance, battling against first the forces of Jhiaxus, and then the Swarm.

Volt, Electro, Manta Ray and Lead Foot left the Decepticons and declared themselves Autobots during their final battle.

Animated series

Although the animated Transformers series was canceled before Leadfoot was released, Leadfoot did appear briefly in animated for in Transformers commercials. He was voiced by Garry Chalk, who went on to become a prolific Transformers voice actor.

IDW Comics

Leadfoot appeared in Spotlight: Galvatron guarding the remains of Cunt

Fun Publications

Leadfoot is among the Generation 2 Autobots on Earth in the 2010 Botcon story Generation 2: Redux.[2]


  • Generation 2 Rotor Force Leadfoot (1994)
A new mold. He was released as Hotfoot in Europe. [3]

Transformers: Power Core Combiners

Sub-group(s) Power Core Combiners
Partners Pinpoint
Alternate Modes F-1 Racer
Series Transformers: Power Core Combiners

Leadfoot gained fame among the Autobots as a first class infiltrator. Combined with Pinpoint, he becomes invisible to Decepticon sensors. His hypertuned engine gives him the speed he needs to be in and out of an enemy base before a single alarm is tripped.


  • Power Core Combiners Commander Leadfoot (2010)
A new mold, later redecoed into the Decepticon Overrun. [4][5]

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Sub-group(s) Wreckers
Partners Ironhide, Steeljaw and Sergeant Detour
Motto "It's time to bring the noise!"
Alternate Modes Juan Pablo Montoya's NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Chevrolet Impala #42 Target stock car
Series Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Japanese voice actor John DiMaggio

In Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Leadfoot is one of the Autobot Wrecker trio. All three Wreckers transform into NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Chevrolet Impala stock cars; Leadfoot's alternate mode uses the Target paint scheme of Juan Pablo Montoya's #42 car.[6]

Leadfoot applies his knowledge of science to create bigger and louder weapons for the Autobots and their allies. He carries rapid-fire chain guns. [7] He is also said to be very good friends with the Autobots' weapon specialist Ironhide. In the film, Leadfoot speaks with a Cockney accent.

The cars playing the Wreckers, including Leadfoot appeared in the 2011 Daytona 500.[8][9]

Movie plot

Main article: Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Leadfoot, Roadbuster and Topspin are a team of Autobot engineers called the Wreckers, who came to Earth in their ship the Xantium which carried other Autobots, including Sideswipe. NASA took possesion of their ship and Director Mearing mentioned they were rarely let off base due to their behavior. When Sentinel expelled the Autobots, the Wreckers prepared the Xantium for launch, but Starscream destroyed their ship as it was leaving. In the battle in Chicago, Leadfoot and the other Wreckers killed the pilot of a Decepticons fighter, and Leadfoot revealed to Sam that they had hid in a booster rocket which detatched before Starscream attacked. When Shockwave attacked their convoy and Optimus lost his trailer, they created a diversion so that Optimus could retrieve it. Later they helped Optimus untangle himself and were among the surviving Autobots at the end of the film.


All toys of this character are officially licensed from General Motors and feature a NASCAR holographic seal, making them official NASCAR merchandise.

  • Dark of the Moon Cyberverse Legion Leadfoot (2011)
A new mold of Leadfoot, which transforms into an armored stock car.[10][11] A redeco of the first Legion figure with a visible Target logo, packaged with a blue version of Cyberverse Commander Ironhide.
  • Dark of the Moon Human Alliance Leadfoot with Sergeant Detour and Steeljaw
A new Target exclusive mold. Comes with a human driver and Steeljaw, who turns from beast-bot to missile launcher for Leadfoot. The international release is missing the Target and Cottonelle logos, while the Sergeant Detour figure retains the sponsor logos on his uniform.
  • Dark of the Moon Deluxe Leadfoot (not yet released)
A new mold of Leadfoot, sold exclusively at Target.


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