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In the fictional universe of Star Trek, the Jem'Hadar race have been seen to use a number of different starships with insectoid designs.

Attack ships

These are small attack craft that form the bulk of the Dominion fleet. They normally travel in groups of three. These craft are armed with phased polaron beam weapons and various types of torpedoes. Attack ships will even perform suicide ramming attacks against larger capital ships. They are also equipped with an advanced deflector shield that prevented tractor beam lock and a transporter device that was unhampered by Federation defensive shields. Also, cloaking technology will not reliably hide a vessel from a Jem'Hadar attack ship's sensors by using an antiproton beam scan. These fighters were used for just about everything in the Dominion. They were used as scouts, forward units in combat, transports for Vorta and there is believed to be a variation designed to launch polaron torpedoes as artillery.

Note that often a Vorta will command one of these fighters and that they are easy to destroy. Their strength commonly lies in numbers. They carry 80 Jem'Hadar each.


Battlecruisers carry a crew complement of 400 Jem'Hadar. The ship has quarters available for passengers, though small numbers of Vorta are the only other species that are regularly carried aboard these vessels.

The battlecruisers are armed with at least three heavy polaron beam emitters and cloaking device penetrators: the Dominion ship, while not carrying a cloaking device itself, has a special system to detect cloaked ships. The system works by using a relatively narrow energy beam that disrupts the cloaking device.


A type of heavy warship introduced in the Alpha Quadrant midway through the Dominion War, in 2374. Initial observations stated that the Jem'Hadar battleship was twice the size of a Galaxy-class starship and three times as powerful.

According to Captain Tim Watters of the USS Valiant, deployed on a mission to observe such a battleship, the ship's design had a fatal flaw; the braces holding together the ship's warp core assembly were susceptible to a specific type of radiation. If exposed they would liquify, causing the entire warp core assembly to weaken and explode. However, as the Valiant's subsequent attempt to exploit this weakness demonstrated, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to take advantage of this defect to destroy such a ship.[1]

Other Ships

The computer game Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Dominion Wars introduced two new classes of Jem'Hadar starships. The first was the Strike Cruiser, somewhat larger than an Attack Ship. The second was the Super Carrier, a huge, heavily armed starship with a substantial crew capacity, serving as a replacement for freighters in the game.

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