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The Ing are a fictional race from Metroid Prime 2:Echoes. They are amorphic, taking the shape of a black pool of slime most of the time. When not in this form, the Ing usually appear in a spider-like form. They have five legs and many tendrils of "hair" which are actually used more as tentacles. Their most outstanding feature is their singular eye; large, red, and glowing that seems to have multiple pupils.

The Ing are also able to possess other beings. After possession, the victim's appearance will be dramatically altered. Sharp spines, darkening of appearance, and a large increase in aggressive behavior may result in successful Ing possession. The Ing also have the ability to absorb and process non-organic information, similar to the X-Parasites from Metroid Fusion. The only way for a possessed target to purge the Ing from their body is through death.

At the beginning of the game, the Ing were able to steal most of Samus' power-ups by an unknown means. The powered-up Ing are usually referred to as Guardians. These Guardians can utilize Samus' power-ups themselves; altering the power's effects for their own purposes. The Ing are ruled by the Emperor Ing.

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