Inferno is the name of several fictional characters from the various Transformers universes. Despite having different alternate modes, the character name has been most associated with the form of a fire engine.

Generation 1

Inferno in the Transformers animated series
Sub-group(s) Action Masters, Autobot Cars, Lightning Strike Coalition, Voyagers, Wreckers
Function Search and Rescue
Motto “Where there’s smoke, there’s me.”
Alternate Modes Fire Engine
Series Transformers: Generation 1
Transformers: Generation 2
Transformers: Universe
Henkei! Henkei!
Japanese voice actor Takuro Kitagawa
Japanese voice actor Walker Edmiston

Inferno is a fearless Autobot who has a firetruck as his vehicle form.[1] Inferno enjoys receiving attention when saving lives and extinguishing fires, however is easily distracted, getting involved in combat preferring the heat of battle to the heat of a burning building.

Comic appearances

Inferno appeared in the Marvel Comics Transformers comic. In the US version of the comic, Inferno didn't make an appearance until after the battle with Unicron and shortly after this, his wreckage is seen in the aftermath of Bludgeon's ambush. He was soon after resurrected by the coming of Optimus Prime and the Last Autobot. Inferno featured in the UK version of the comic before the battle with Unicron happened, however featured most prominently afterwards in the Legacy of Unicron storyline where he died crashing a shuttle into a large group of Decepticons. Inferno also appeared in the Rhythms of Darkness storyline set in an alternate universe, where he is one of the few Autobots still alive on Earth.

He would also appear briefly in the Transformers: Generation 2 comic. Whilst battling the second generation Cybertronian forces of Jhiaxus, he saw his friend Smokescreen gunned down. In a rage, Inferno killed all of the enemy soldiers, only to be ambushed by more of them - however whilst diving for cover, a building collapsed on top of him.

In Dreamwave Productions adaptation of Generation 1. He first appears in the second War Within series as part of Grimlock's Lightning Strike Coalition. Later, after the end of the Great Shutdown, Inferno was reformatted into an Earth fire engine and then surprisingly became part of the Cybertronian High Council.

Inferno in IDW Publishing's adaptation, was on the Autobot Orbital Command Hub in Spotlight: Blaster, where he was present when Blaster was recovered and returned to the Autobots.

Animated series

Inferno first appeared in the episode "Dinobot Island, Part 2," alongside Red Alert,[2] with no explanation or origin. He was featured prominetly in the episode "Auto-Beserk", also alongside Red Alert. In the episode "Prime Target", Inferno was captured by big game hunter Lord Cholmondeley, along with a several other Autobots in an attempt to lure Optimus Prime it a trap. Inferno is part of a team lead by Ironhide to track down Optimus Prime on Cybertron in "The Search for Alpha Trion", and meets his old flame Firestar. Walker Edmiston is the voice actor for Inferno.[3] Like his fellow Autobot Ironhide Inferno speaks with a thick southern U.S. accent.

Inferno also appears in the end credits of The Transformers: The Movie despite not actually appearing in it leading to speculation that Inferno's scenes were cut or that he was intended to feature. After the movie, he never made any more appearances.

In the Japanese Headmasters series, Inferno appears in the first and third episodes, under the command of Ultra Magnus on Earth.

Transformers (live-action movie)

Inferno is also the name of a Transformer in the live-action movie continuity. In it Inferno is an Autobot programmer. He appears in the Transformers: Defiance comic series by IDW Publishing. In issue #2, Inferno helps in the recovery effort after the attack on Cybertron. He later sides with Optimus Prime against the idea of Megatron's counterattack on their invaders.

He also appears in the Transformers: Movie Prequel comic issue #1, as a member of the squad commanded by Bumblebee at Tyger Pax when they are attacked by Megatron and several Dreadwing drones.

According to Hasbro employees, his colors are inspired by the Generation 1 Micromaster Autobot Tote, as well as one of the early concept drawings for Ratchet in the 2007 Transformers film.[4] He transforms into a 2000 BMW X5 firetruck.


Toyline Name Year Description
Generation 1
Generation 1 Inferno 1985, 2003 This toy was originally a Japanese Diaclone toy, modelled on a Japanese Mitsubishi Fuso firetruck. Both of his arms feature spring-loaded missile launchers, though the Hasbro version (in contrast to the Takara version) severley weakened the strength of them for child safety reasons. The Inferno mold was partially remolded to create the molds for Grapple (1985), Headmasters Artfire (1987), and e-Hobby RoadHauler (2003).

In 2003, Inferno was re-released as part of Takara's "Transformers Collection" series with tampographs instead of stickers and with blue eyes instead of yellow ones. These changes were carried over into Hasbro's "Commemorative Series" Inferno, Grapple, and RoadHauler.

This toy, slightly modified, was knocked off and used in Phoenix King, a Korean animated film. It was released in the US as "Defenders of Space". Another bargain film, Space Thunder Kids, used scenes of "Inferno" from this movie.

Generation 1 Action Master Inferno with Hydro Pack 1990 Released in 1990 as an Action Master toy, Inferno included a "Hydro Pack" accessory that could transform and squirt water.[5]
Generation 2 Inferno 1993 The original Inferno toy was re-released as part of the Transformers Generation 2 toyline with slight modifications, such as the removal of his spring-loaded missiles, a tampographed Autobot symbol, and a water squinter.[6]
Universe Inferno 2009 Released as a Voyager price point toy as part of the "Generation 2 Series" of the Universe toyline, Inferno transforms into a fictional six-wheeled variant of the Pierce Contender 2002-2007 series of firetrucks. The toy also has the tampographed number "401" on its side, which is the area code for the state of Rhode Island, where Hasbro has its headquarters. This mold was also used to make the BotCon 2010 exclusive Spark and was retooled to make the 2010 series Solar Storm Grappel.
Henkei! Henkei! Cybertron Inferno 2009 The Japanese Takara version of the Universe figure sports brighter colors than its Hasbro counterpart. Its Japanese ID number is C-15.
Toyline Name Year Description
Transformers (live-action movie)
Transformers Inferno with Longarm 2008 A Toys "R" Us store exclusive that is a redeco of Armada Red Alert and his Mini-Con partner.
Speed Stars Stealth Force Inferno 2010 A non-transforming fire truck that mechanically opens its panels and reveals hidden weapons at the push of a button.[7]


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