In the fictional, far future Warhammer 40,000 universe created by Games Workshop, the Template:Bold was a relatively short but devastating galaxy-spanning civil war, that engulfed the nascent galactic empire of the [[Imperium (Warhammer 40,000)|Template:Italic]] during the 31stTemplate:SpacesmillenniumTemplate:SpacesAD in the universe timeline. Initially described in wargame supplements published in 1988, it has been used since that time as background for several of Game Workshop's [[Epic (game)|Template:Italic]]-brand tabletop wargames. The Horus Heresy, an Template:As of project, has become a major in-universe component, and has come into its own as a brand and product line for Games Workshop and its affiliates.


In the developing WarhammerTemplate:Spaces40,000 back-story, by the 30thTemplate:Spacesmillennium the Emperor of Mankind, founder and head of the newly constituted Imperium of Man, had become a major proponent of Order in the Milky Way, and one of the most formidable enemies of Chaos and its forces. After consolidating his rule on Terra (Earth), and genetically engineering Legions of superhuman warriors (the Space Marines) he embarked early in the 31st millennium on a Template:Em.[1] The objective was to unify the millions of human colonies scattered throughout the galaxy under an Template:Em of science and reason, and against religion and superstition – by extension weakening the influence of Chaos on the human race and the race's evolution. Promoting the notions of Order and Truth from a strictly human perspective as put forth by the Emperor, the Imperium declared the Milky Way to be the exclusive, rightful domain of Humankind, and a part of its Manifest Destiny.

While the Emperor was overall commander of the Crusade's expeditions to the stars, the Space Marine Legions and the rest of the Imperial military forces eventually came to be led by his genetically-engineered progeny, a group of twenty so-called Template:Em who were in every aspect even mightier than Space Marines.[2]



More than two standard (Terran) centuries into the Great Crusade, the Emperor made Horus Lupercal, his most trusted and versatile Primarch, Warmaster (commander-in-chief) of his armed forces and overall leader of the Crusade. The Emperor left the Crusade and returned to Terra to continue his top-secret work regarding Imperial access to the Eldar Webway (a trans-dimensional tunnel system), while relegating the overall administration of the Imperium to a civilian authority, the Template:Em.[3] These actions tested Horus' own resources, and exacerbated existing tensions among some of the other Primarchs, especially those who felt slighted by other decisions of the Emperor or had grievances against their brothers.[4]

Horus became the target of a conspiracy planned by the Chaos gods and executed by their allies and minions. It involved his near-fatal injury and supposed healing; both events were designed to make Horus susceptible to the influence of Chaos and lead to his eventual corruption.[5] He turned against the Emperor, becoming Template:Em Traitor from the perspective of the Imperium. He ultimately lead eight other Primarchs, as well as their Legions and other forces, in war against the Imperium; the "betrayal" and campaign became known as the Template:Em. Most of those who turned against the Emperor became, or already were, corrupted by Chaos.[6]

Conflict and resolution

Horus engaged in subterfuge and secretly contravened Imperial orders, or issued orders designed to weaken and disperse the Loyalist forces, while simultaneously building covert alliances. Then, in the first open move of the Heresy campaign, he succeeded in culling from the ranks of the rebels those individual units and persons that were still loyal to the Emperor.[7] During the opening stage of the campaign, the Imperial side is shown to have been beset by inadequate communications and poor intelligence, its leaders stunned or in denial when faced with the enormity of events.

The next stage, expertly directed by Horus and his staff, involved the massacre of three Loyalist Legions that were sent by the Imperium (along with other Legions that had secretly turned Traitor) to crush the rebellion.[8] Following this action, the bulk of rebel forces made their way to the Sol (Solar) System; after a brutal in-system space battle, they managed to make planetfall on Terra and to lay siege to the Imperial Palace.

Horus was finally killed in single combat with his creator, while the Emperor himself was nearly fatally wounded in the same action. The death of Horus led to disarray among the invading Traitors, whose campaign was by that time also threatened by imminent Loyalist reinforcements, and they hastily retreated. The so-called Template:Italic and the whole Horus Heresy campaign, was effectively over.[9]


Although the Heresy campaign lasted less than a standard decade, it was devastating in its scale, and the Imperium's victory came at great cost. A long and often violent period of "cleansing" the Imperium from Traitors and of rebuilding its institutions took place following the end of the Heresy, while the Traitor forces fled to a Chaos dominion known as the Template:Italic There, they created their own empires, and have continued to harry the Imperium ever since.[10]

The losses in talent, knowledge, manpower, and territory precipitated by the conflict caused a prolonged period of cultural, political, and technological stagnation and regression in the Imperium. As for the Emperor, his desiccated physical form has since the Heresy been kept in a moribund state thanks to a technological marvel known as the Template:Italic and he is only able to express himself psychically.[11]


The Horus Heresy is positioned as a significant component of the WarhammerTemplate:Spaces40,000 canon. In the current "Grimdark"[12] WarhammerTemplate:Spaces40,000 background (ten millennia after the end of the Heresy),[11] the continuing Imperial stagnation and regression is one of the major themes, and events related to or caused by the Heresy form the basis for much of the present context.Template:Sfnm

The Crusade-era Imperial Truth has been subverted into the Template:Em, the Imperium's official proclamation of the moribund Emperor as the "God of Mankind" and its only savior.[13] Buffeted by constant Template:Italic (alien) invasions, rebellions, heresies, and Chaos plots, the Rulers of the Imperium have decreed that only unquestioning faith in the Emperor's Divinity, and total obedience to Imperial Authority, can keep the tottering edifice of the Imperium from collapsing – an event that will surely, according to the authorities, be followed by the extinction of Humankind.Template:Sfnm Thanks to official repression and censorship, by the 41st millennium few Imperial citizens consider the bulk of the Horus Heresy to be anything more than allegory or myth, and even fewer know its true history and causes.[14]




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Legions Astartes (Space Marines)

Dark Angels (I Legion)
  • Lion El'Jonson – Primarch
  • Luther – Chief Officer
  • Zahariel – Junior Librarian, 22nd Chapter
  • Israfael – Chief Librarian
  • Sar Hadariel – Chapter Master, 22nd Chapter
  • Torannen – Chapter Master, 7th Chapter
  • Lamnis – Chapter Master
  • Astelan – Chater Commander
  • Damas – Company Master, 22nd Chapter
  • Barthiel – Chaplain
  • Nemiel – Chaplain
  • Galedan – Captain
  • Astoric – Captain
  • Melian – Captain
  • Hsien – Captain
  • Belath – Chapter Commander, Ravens Wing
  • Vandrillis – Apothecary
  • Master Remiel – Training Master
  • Eliath – Member of the 22nd Chapter
  • Attias – Member of the 22nd Chapter
  • Midris – Marine
  • Kohl – Veteran Sergeant
  • Askelon – Veteran Techmarine
  • Marthes – Veteran
  • Vardus – Veteran
  • Ephrial – Veteran
  • Yung – Veteran
  • Cortus – Veteran
  • Titus – Dreadnought
  • Argeon – Sergeant
  • Cayvan – Sergeant
  • Jak – Sergeant
  • Gemenoth – Sergeant
  • Riyan – Sergeant
  • Rathis – Marine
  • Kherios – Marine
  • Nikolan – Marine
  • Andubis – Marine
  • Alexian – Marine
  • Jonas – Marine
  • Gideon – Marine
  • Gabriel – Marine
  • Askelon – Marine
  • Farras – Marine
Emperor's Children (III Legion)
  • Fulgrim – Primarch
  • Eidolon – Lord Commander
  • Vespasian – Lord Commander
  • Fabius Bile – Apothecary
  • Charmosian – Chaplain, Eighteenth Company
  • Ancient Rylanor – Dreadnaught
  • Julius Kaesoron – First Captain
  • Lycon – Equerry to Julius Kaesoron
  • Solomon Demeter – Captain, Second Company
  • Gaius Caphen – Sergeant, Second Company
  • Marius Vairsean – Captain, Third Company
  • Saul Tarvitz – Captain, Tenth Company
  • Lucius – Captain, Thirteenth Company
  • Odovalar – Captain, Standard Bearer
  • Lemuel Aizel – Captain, Template:Italic
  • Thestis – Standard Bearer
  • Theolonius – Second Company
  • Charosian – Sergeant, Second Company
  • Fulgerion – Sergeant
  • Kaitheron – Sergeant
  • Raetherin – Sergeant
  • Xiandor – Captain
  • Tyrion – Captain
  • Anteus – Captain
  • Hellespon – Captain
  • Scetherin – Loyalist marine
  • Solathen – Squad Nasicae, Loyalist marine
  • Mathridon – Loyalist marine
Iron Warriors (IV Legion)
  • Perturabo – Primarch
White Scars (V Legion)
  • Jhagati Khan – Primarch
  • Targutai Yesugei – Chief Librarian
  • Shang Khan – Leader of White Scars Expeditionary Force
  • Kurgis – Battle-Brother of the Seventh Company
Space Wolves (VI Legion)
  • Leman Russ – Primarch
  • Bulveye – Captain, Wolf Lord of the Thirteenth Great Company
  • Halvden Bale-eye – Warrior of the Thirteenth Great Company
  • Jurgen – Warrior of the Thirteenth Great Company
  • Aesir – Warrior of the Thirteenth Great Company
  • Brynngar Sturmdreng – Captain, Wolf Guard
  • Rujveld – Blood Claw
  • Yorl – Blood Claw
  • Borund – Blood Claw
  • Elfyarl – Blood Claw
  • Vorik – Blood Claw
  • Svonfeld – Blood Claw
Imperial Fists (VII Legion)
  • Rogal Dorn – Primarch
  • Sigismund – First Captain
  • Efried – Captain, 3rd Company
  • Tyr – Captain, 6th Company
  • Halbrecht – Captain, Template:Italic
  • Alexis Polux – Captain
  • Yonnad – Captain
  • Camba-Diaz – Captain
Night Lords (VIII Legion)
  • Konrad Curze – Primarch
Blood Angels (IX Legion)
  • Sanguinius – Primarch
  • Raldoron – Chapter Master
  • Thoros – Captain
Iron Hands (X Legion)
  • Ferrus Manus – Primarch
  • Gabriel Santor – First Captain
  • Captai Balhaan – Captain of the Template:Italic
  • Axarden – Gunnery Officer on the Template:Italic
  • Diederik – Iron Father
  • Gebren – Techmarine
World Eaters/War Hounds (XII Legion)
  • Angron – Primarch
  • Kunnar – 1st Company Champion
  • Ancher – Captain, Assault Echelon
  • Hyazn – Captain
  • Vanche – Master-At-Arms, 1st Company
  • Shinnargen – Captain, 2nd Cpmpany
  • Skraal – Captain
  • Khârn – Captain, 8th Assault Company
  • Ehrlen – Captain
  • Dreagher – Captain
  • Horzt – Commander, 9th Company Stormbird Squadron
  • Jareg – Master Shellsmith
  • Fleiste – Sergeant
  • Wronde – Sergeant
  • Rogath – Sergeant
  • Wrathe – Veteran
  • Hargrath – Marine
  • Kellock – Marine
  • Orlak – Marine
Ultramarines (XIII Legion)
  • Roboute Guilliman – Primarch
  • Hektor – Captain
  • Lysimachus Cestus – Captain and Fleet Commander of 7th Company
  • Atiges – Honor Guard, 7th Company
  • Saphrax – Honor Guard Standard Bearer, 7th Company
  • Laeradis – Honor Guard Apothecary, 7th Company
  • Lexinal – Honor Guard, 7th Company
  • Pytaron – Honor Guard, 7th Company
  • Excelinor – Honor Guard, 7th Company
  • Morar – Honor Guard, 7th Company
  • Amyrx – Honor Guard, 7th Company
  • Thestor – Honor Guard, 7th Company
  • Evexian – Captain, 7th Company
  • Polonin – Techmarine
  • Remus Ventanus – Captain, 4th Company
  • Barkha – Sergeant, 4th Company
  • Archo – Sergeant, 4th Company
  • Naron Vattian – Head Scout, 4th Company
  • Ilhus – Marine, 4th Company
  • Helika – Marine, 4th Company
  • Pilus – Marine, 4th Company
  • Pilera – Marine 4th Company
  • Honoria – Captain, 23rd Company
  • Urath – Captain, 39th Company
  • Pendarron – Captain
Death Guard (XIV Legion)
  • Mortarion – Primarch
  • Calas Typhon – First Captain
  • Ignatius Grulgor – Commander, Second Company
  • Ullis Temetor – Captain, Fourth Company
  • Nathaniel Garro – Battle-Captain, Seventh Company
  • Andus Haker – Veteran Sergeant, Seventh Company
  • Meric Voyen – Apothecary, Seventh Company
  • Tollen Sendik – Seventh Company
  • Pyr Rahl – Seventh Company
  • Solun Decius – Seventh Company
  • Kaleb Arin – Housecarl to Battle-Captain Garro
  • Huron-Fal – Dreadnaught
  • Brother Mokyr – Second Company
Thousand Sons (XV Legion)
  • Magnus the Red – Primarch
  • Ahzek Ahriman – Chief Librarian
  • Mhotep – Sergeant, Captain of the Template:Italic
Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus/Black Legion (XVI Legion)
  • Horus Lupercal – Warmaster, Primarch of Luna Wolves
  • Maloghurst "The Twisted" – Equerry to the Warmaster
  • Ezekyle Abaddon – First Captain
  • Tarik Torgaddon – Captain, Second Company
  • Iacton "The Half-Heard" Qruze – Captain, Third Company
  • Hastur Sejanus – Captain, Forth Company
  • Horus "Little Horus" Aximand – Captain, Fifth Company
  • Serghar Targost – Lodge Master and Captain, Seventh Company
  • Garviel Loken – Captain, Tenth Company
  • Nero Vipus – Sergeant, Locasta Squad, Tenth Company
  • Casto – Member of Locasta Squad, Tenth Company
  • Xavyer Jubal – Sergeant, Hellebore Squad, Tenth Company
  • Luc Sedirae – Captain, Thirteenth Company
  • Tybalt "The Either" Marr – Captain, Eighteenth Company
  • Verulam "The Or" Moy – Captain, Nineteenth Company
  • Lev Goshen – Captain, Twenty-Fifth Company
  • Falkus "Widowmaker" Kibre – Captain, Justaerin Terminator Squad
  • Kalus Ekaddon – Captain, Catulan Reaver Squad
  • Vaddon – Apothecary
  • Lachost – Sergeant, Loyalist marine
Word Bearers (XVII Legion)
  • Lorgar – Primarch
  • Erebus – First Chaplain
  • Kor Phaeron – First Captain
  • Sor Talgron – Captain, 34th Company
  • Argel Tel – Captain, 7th Company
  • Argel Tal – Captain and Lord of the Crimson Guard
  • Faerskarel – Chapter Master, Chapter Of The Opening Eye
  • Deinos – Chapter Master, Chapter Of The Burning Hand
  • Rukis – Chapter Master, Chapter Of The Crimson Mask
  • Skolinthos – Chapter Master, Ebony Serpent Chapter
  • Tenaebron – Chapter Master, Chapter Of The Void
  • Zadkiel – Fleet Captain
  • Baelanos – Assault-Captain
  • Ikthalon – Chaplain
  • Reskiel – Sergeant-Commander
  • Malforian – Weapon Master, Template:Italic
  • Ultis – Marine
  • Grazious – Sergeant
  • Vorkan – Marine
  • Karhadax – Marine
  • Eradan – Marine
  • Uhrlon – Apothecary
  • Kol Bader – Veteran Sergeant, 34th Company
  • Arshaq – Sergeant, 34th Company
  • Khadmon – Marine, 34th Company
  • Aecton – Marine, 34th Company
  • Bachari – Sergeant
  • Paebien – Sergeant
Salamanders (XVIII Legion)
  • Vulkan – Primarch
  • T'Kell – Techmarine
  • Straken – Astratus representative to Mars
Raven Guard (XIX Legion)
  • Corax – Primarch
Alpha Legion (XX Legion)
  • Alpharius – Primarch
  • Omegon – Primarch, Lord of Effrit Stealth Squad
  • Ingo Pech – First Captain
  • (Ma)Thias Herzog – Captain, Second Company
  • Sheed Ranko – Captain, Lernaean Terminator Squad

Imperial forces

Administration of Terra
  • The Emperor of Mankind – Founder and Head of the Imperium of Man
  • Malcador the Sigillite – Regent Of Terra
  • Vardus Praal – Governor of Isstvan III
  • Ormand Braxton – Emissary of the Administration of Terra
  • Lord Governnor Elect Harlad Furt – Overseer of the Sarosh territories
  • Falkman – Station Master, Template:Italic
  • Talia Bosk – Magos Administratum, chief bureaucrat on Caliban
  • Taddeus Kulik – Governor of Diamat
  • Pherum Sichar – Hereditary Lord of Hy Basil
  • Ptolom Sichar – Chief Executive Officer of Cajetan Imports
  • Hans Gargetton – Chancellor of the Atlantic Platforms
Legio Custodes
  • Constantin Valdor – Captain-General and Chief Custodian
  • Amon Tauromachin – Custodes, First Circle
  • Zerin – Custodes
  • Haedo – Custodes
  • Broker – Custodes
  • Emankon – Custodes
Imperial Army
  • Hektor Varvarus – Lord Commander of the Army, 63rd Expedition
  • Thaddeus Fayle – Lord Commander of the Army, 28th Expedition
  • Teng Namatjira – Lord Commander of the Army, 670th Expedition
  • Sri Vedt – Uxor Primus (Geno Five-Two Chiliad)
  • Honen Mu – Uxor (Geno Five-Two Chiliad)
  • Nefferti – Uxor Aide to Honen Mu (Geno Five-Two Chiliad)
  • Jhani – Uxor Aide to Honen Mu (Geno Five-Two Chiliad)
  • Tiphain – Uxor Aide to Honen Mu (Geno Five-Two Chiliad)
  • Leeli – Uxor Aide to Honen Mu (Geno Five-Two Chiliad)
  • Erikah – Uxor Aide to Honen Mu (Geno Five-Two Chiliad)
  • Rukhsana Saiid – Uxor (Geno Five-Two Chiliad)
  • Tuvi – Uxor Aide to Rukhsana Saiid (Geno Five-Two Chiliad)
  • Sanzi – Uxor (Geno Five-Two Chiliad)
  • Ida – Senior Medicae (Geno Five-Two Chiliad)
  • Koslov – Brigadier (Geno Five-Two Chiliad)
  • Hurtado Bronzi – Hetman (Geno Five-Two Chiliad)
  • Kaido Pius – Hetman (Geno Five-Two Chiliad)
  • Peto Soneka – Hetman (Geno Five-Two Chiliad)
  • Franco Boone – Genewhip (Geno Five-Two Chiliad)
  • Roke – Genewhip (Geno Five-Two Chiliad)
  • Pharon – Genewhip (Geno Five-Two Chiliad)
  • Lon – Bashaw (Geno Five-Two Chiliad)
  • Tche – Bashaw (Geno Five-Two Chiliad)
  • Strabo – Bashaw (Geno Five-Two Chiliad)
  • Shah – Bashaw (Geno Five-Two Chiliad)
  • Nitin Dev – Major General (Zanzibari Hort)
  • Kolmec – Bajour (Zanzibari Hort)
  • Lec Tanhu – Subahdar (Zanzibari Hort)
  • Dinas Chayne – Bajolur-Captain (Lucifer Blacks)
  • Eiman – Companion (Lucifer Blacks)
  • Belloc – Companion (Lucifer Blacks)
  • Wilde – Lord (Crescent-Sind Sixth Torrent)
  • Khedive Ismail Shehard – (Outremars)
  • Thuner – Bajolur (Outremars)
  • Gan Karsh – General (Regnault Thorns)
  • Cherikar – Dynast (Regnault Thorns)
  • Lofar – Tribune to Dynast Cherikar (Regnault Thorns)
  • Morten – General, Commander of thr Calibanite Jaegers
  • Hadziel – Colonel, Calibanite Jaegers
Imperial Navy
Saturnine Navy
Oblivion Knights
  • Celia Harroda – Witchseeker Pursuivant
  • Jenetia Krole – Mistress of the Raptor Guard
  • Amindera Kendel – Oblivion Knight, Storm Dagger Witchseeker Squad
  • Sister Thessaly – Oblivion Knight
  • Emrilia Herkaaze – Oblivion Knight, White Talons Cadre
  • Leilani Mollitas – Unvowed Aspirant
  • Thessaly Nortor – Oblivion Knight, Storm Dagger Cadre
Remembrancers (Historians and war artists of the Crusade)
  • Kyril Sindermann – Primary Iterator (spokesperson & propagandist)
  • Mersadie Oliton – Documentarist (historian)
  • Euphrati Keeler – Imagist (photographer)
  • Ignace Karkasy – Poet
  • Petronella Vivar – Documentarist
  • Peeter Egon Momus – Architect
  • Petronella Vivar – Documentarist, Palatina Mojoria of House Carpinus
  • Serena D'Angelus – Artist and Imagist
  • Bequa Kynska – Composer and Harmonist
  • Ostian Delafour – Sculptor
  • Coraline Aseneca – Theatrical Performer
  • Leopold Cadmus – Poet
  • Evander Tobias – Archivist of Template:Italic
  • Rhianna Sorel – Composer and Harmonist
  • Tannhaut – Remembrancer
  • Edwimor – Poet
  • Leland Rogert – Painter
  • Jeacon Poul – Composer

Mechanicum and the Titan Legions

Martian Mechanicum
  • Kelbor-Hal – Fabricator General, Forge Master of Olympus Mons
  • Kane – Fabricator Locum of Mars, Forge Master of Mondus Occulum
  • Lachine – Magos-Apprenta to Kane
  • Urtzi Malevolus – Forge Master of Mars
  • Lukas Chrom – Forge Master of Mondus Gamma
  • Regulus – Adept, Mechanicum representative of the 63rd Expedition
  • Remiare – Tech-Priest Assassin, Sisters Of Cydonia
  • Melgator – Ambassador, Mechanicum Representative to Terra
  • Ipluvien Maximal – Forge Master of Mars
  • Koriel Zeth – High Adept, Mistress of the Magma City
  • Kantor Polk – Magos-Apprenta to High Adept Zeth
  • Dalia Cythera – Transcribor in the service of High Adept Zeth
  • Zouche Chahaya – Machinist in the service of High Adept Zeth
  • Severine Deimar – Schematic Draughter in the service of High Adept Zeth
  • Mellicin Oster – Technical Overseer in the service of High Adept Zeth
  • Caxton Torgau – Component Assembler in the service of High Adept Zeth
  • Rhu-Mu 31 – Protector in the service of High Adept Zeth
  • Jonas Milus – Empath in the service of High Adept Zeth
  • Semyon – Adept of Mars
  • Fortran Quinux – Prospector & former Skitarii
  • Jiago – High Adept, Tycho Brahe Ammunition Storage
  • Ulterimus – Adept
  • Ravachol – Adept
  • Ludd – Adept
  • Lascu – Adept
  • Xanthus – Adept
  • Epsulon – Adept
  • Pallas Ravachol – Adept
  • Mattias Kefra – Magos
  • Ahotep – High Magos
  • Rueon Villnarus – Adept
  • Godolph – Magos
  • Chevain – Magos
  • Prenzlaur – Adept
  • Las Taol – Warlord of Mars
  • Gureod – Adept, Mechanicum representative on the Template:Italic
  • Vertullus – High-Magos of Diamet
  • Archoi – Acting High-Magos of Diamet
Legio Tempestus
  • Indias Cavelerio, the Stormlord – Princeps, Commander of the Warlord class titan Template:Italic
  • Palus – Sensori, Warlord class titan Template:Italic
  • Kuyper – Moderati, Warlord class titan Template:Italic
  • Lacus – Steersman, Warlord class titan Template:Italic
  • Magos Argyre – Engineer, Warlord class titan Template:Italic
  • Vlad Suzak – Princeps, Commander of the Warlord class titan Template:Italic
  • Jan Mordant – Princeps, Commander of the Reaver class titan Template:Italic
  • Sharaq – Princeps, Commander of the Reaver class titan Template:Italic
  • Dolun – Sensori, Reaver class titan Template:Italic
  • Bannan – Moderati, Reaver class titan Template:Italic
  • Adept Eskund – Engineer, Reaver class titan Template:Italic
  • Basek – Princeps, Commander of the Warhound class titan Template:Italic
  • Kasim – Princeps, Commander of the Warhound class titan Template:Italic
  • Vorich – Moderati, Warhound class titan Template:Italic
  • Lamnos – Princeps, Commander of the Warhound class titan Template:Italic
  • Zem Aeschman – Commander of the Legio Tempertus Skitarii Martian Divisions
  • Maximus Karania – Princeps
  • Agathe – Famulous to Princeps Cavelerio
Legio Mortis
Legio Xerxes
  • Amon Jeveth – Princeps
Legio Destructor
  • Graine – Princeps
Knights of Tarsis
Death Bolts
  • Maxen Vledig – Grand Master
Death Stalkers
  • Ulriche – Princeps Senioris

Other humans

The Order
  • Master Ramiel – Training Master of The Order
  • Lord Cypher – Guardian of the Order's traditions
  • Sar Amadis – The Hero of Maponis, Battle Knight of the Order
  • Sar Daviel – Knight of the Order
  • Cyrene – The Blessed Lady
  • Jephta Naud – General Commander, the armies of the Interex
  • Diath Shehn – Abbrocarius
  • Mithras Tull – Subordinate Commander, the armies of the Interex
  • Maggard – Bodyguard to Petronella Vivar
  • Akshum – Lodge Princess, Leader of the Lodge of the Serpent
  • Tsi Rekh – Davinite liaison
  • Tsepha – Davinite cultist
  • Lord Sartana – Master of the Knights of Lupus
  • Lord High Exalter – Leader of the Saroshi Bureaucracy
  • Dusan – Saroshi Exegetist
  • Den Dang Kegat Shere – Pyrokine working for the Alpha Legion
  • Johann – Housecarl to the Space Wolf Bulveye
  • Kalamar – Aide to Mhotep of the Thousand Sons
  • John Grammaticus (aka Konig Heniker) – Cabal Agent
  • Jauren Santanno – Speaker of the Planetary Senate, Antimon
  • Andras Santanno – Son of Jauren Santanno
  • Uriah OLathaire – Priest, Church Of The Lightning Stone


  • Eldrad Ulthran – Eldar, Farseer of Ulthwé
  • Khiraen Goldhelm – Eldar, Wraithlord of Ulthwé
  • Asherot – Indentured Kinebrach, Keeper of Devices (Interex)
  • Gahat – Member of The Cabal
  • Slau Dha – Member of The Cabal
  • G'Latrro – Member of The Cabal


The Horus Heresy was first[15] briefly referred to in a 1988 rulebook supplement to [[Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader|Template:Italic]], the first edition of the WarhammerTemplate:Spaces40,000 wargame.[16] It was expanded later in the same year in another supplement, the first volume of the rulebook [[Realm of Chaos (Warhammer)|Template:Italic]], subtitled "Slaves to Darkness".[17]

The concept was further elaborated in the rulebook for Template:Italic, the first Games Workshop [[Epic (game)|Template:Italic]]-branded tabletop miniatures wargame.[18] Epic-brand games may involve campaign- or theater-level play that employs large forces, and provides for a correspondingly wider-scale background. This campaign setting included the establishment of the Heresy as an important canon-based element; by providing a justification for intra-Imperial warfare, it spared the effort to include different armies in the basic game boxes.


Following the original introduction of the Heresy to the WarhammerTemplate:Spaces40,000 canon in 1988, the product line has expanded with additions in several areas, such as art, gaming, literature, and multimedia, released as either stand-alone products or as parts of series. The expansions are set in the Heresy period (30,000Template:SpacesAD), as opposed to the c.Template:Spaces40,000Template:SpacesAD era of most WarhammerTemplate:Spaces40,000 material. In addition to regular edition products, there are special editions including anniversary editions, collector's editions, web exclusives, and bundle offers.[19]

Additions to the Heresy storyline are not necessarily in chronological sequence, and the overall narrative across all areas is non-linear;[20] it may include events presented from different perspectives, and gaps that may presumably be filled in the future.

In some cases newer material has led to continuity conflicts with the older material. The information provided in the ongoing Template:As of Novel Series is generally assumed to be canonical and superseding the older material.

"The Horus Heresy" and its associated product line is also marketed as a sub brand by the Black Library and Games Workshop, and the related logos, places, names, devices etc. are copyrighted or trademarked.Template:Refn Games Workshop and affiliates have additionally released other products that though not branded or classified as "Horus Heresy" items, are directly related to the fictional event, or to specific facets of it.[21]


Illustrations and images from a variety of artists, related to the story and the general background have been published in art books. The Novel Series cover art has been separately released, as A2-size posters and in other formats.Template:Sfnm


The Art Book Series "Template:Italic" volumes, published between May 2004 and July 2006, contain art that consists of original images as well as images derived from the [[#CCG|Template:Italic]]. The volumes include annotations, informative text, and original short stories, that along with the art greatly expanded the Heresy material; the Series outlines the entire Heresy history, while providing additional background on it and on the wider WarhammerTemplate:Spaces40,000 universe.

  1. Template:Italic – Allan Merrett (writer), John Blanche (conceptual art), Matt Ralphs (editor) – May 2004[22]
  2. Template:Italic – Allan Merrett (writer), John Blanche (conceptual art). Includes short story by Graham McNeill – December 2004[23]
  3. Template:Italic – Allan Merrett (writer), John Blanche (conceptual art). Includes short story by Graham McNeill – July 2005[24]
  4. Template:Italic – Allan Merrett (writer), John Blanche (conceptual art) – July 2006[25]

Poster Series (selections)

  • "The Outcast Dead" (cover art) – Neil Roberts. Cover art poster of Novel Series Book 17 – November 2011[26]


  • Template:Italic – Omnibus compilation of the four volumes of the Art Book Series. Nick Kyme & Matt Ralphs (editors) – June 2007[27]
  • Template:Italic – Neil Roberts, Philip Sibbering. The cover art posters of the first three books of the Novel Series. One of several poster bundles – October 2006[28]


The war is the focus of both board and card games.


Card games


Literature directly related to the Horus Heresy consists of works in several formats and media, created by various authors; the majority are published by the Black Library, a Games Workshop imprint. Template:As of it has included magazine articles, novels, novellas, and short stories.[33]

Magazine articles

Articles containing information or stories about the Horus Heresy that appeared originally or solely in publisher-affiliated magazines.

  • "Assault on Holy Terra" – William King. Story article in the Games Workshop magazine [[White Dwarf (magazine)|Template:Italic]] – April 2002[9]


Template:Details The Black Library started the "Horus Heresy Novel Series" in 2006, a derived brand that consists of titles with stories by a variety of authors. They provide detailed, multi-faceted descriptions of the Heresy; the entire WarhammerTemplate:Spaces40,000 universe (Template:CircaTemplate:Spaces30,000Template:SpacesAD) is represented and taken advantage of. Since its beginning, and Template:As of, the Novel Series has been adding several books per year; they include full-length novels and short story compilations, while novella compilations have Template:As of.

An opening scene-setting trilogy (Books 1–3) features the Luna Wolves Space Marine Legion, and portrays the fall of their Primarch (the Warmaster Horus) and the beginning of the Heresy. The narrative was then expanded to include the actions of other Legions and of various organisations and individuals. In the timeline of the Heresy, Template:As of the Novel Series has only covered up to the period where the Traitor forces are ready to start the journey to Terra.

Most titles have been published in multiple media and formats: as mass market paperbacks, as e-books, and as either abridged or unabridged audiobooks.[33] Novel Series stories have also appeared in other official publications, sometimes before their release in Series books.Template:Efn

The UK original print editions of the Novel Series books are listed below.

  1. [[Horus Heresy (novels)#book1|Template:Italic]] – Dan Abnett – April 2006[35]
  2. [[Horus Heresy (novels)#book2|Template:Italic]] – Graham McNeill – June 2006[5]
  3. [[Horus Heresy (novels)#book3|Template:Italic]] – Ben Counter – October 2006[7]
  4. [[Horus Heresy (novels)#book4|Template:Italic]] – James Swallow – March 2007[36]
  5. [[Horus Heresy (novels)#book5|Template:Italic]] – Graham McNeill – July 2007[8]
  6. [[Horus Heresy (novels)#book6|Template:Italic]] – Mitchel Scanlon – October 2007[37]
  7. [[Horus Heresy (novels)#book7|Template:Italic]] – Dan Abnett – March 2008[38]
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  11. [[Horus Heresy (novels)#book11|Template:Italic]] – Mike Lee – July 2009[42]
  12. [[Horus Heresy (novels)#book12|Template:Italic]] – Graham McNeill – March 2010[43]
  13. [[Horus Heresy (novels)#book13|Template:Italic]] – James Swallow – August 2010[44]
  14. [[Horus Heresy (novels)#book14|Template:Italic]] – Aaron Dembski-Bowden – November 2010[45]
  15. [[Horus Heresy (novels)#book15|Template:Italic]] – Dan Abnett – January 2011[46]
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  18. [[Horus Heresy (novels)#book18|Template:Italic]] – Gav Thorpe – January 2012[49]
  19. [[Horus Heresy (novels)#book19|Template:Italic]] – Dan Abnett – March 2012[50]

Template:Italic and Template:Italic are two parts of a trilogy that includes a third book not in the above list. Template:Italic and Template:Italic are part of the same story arc, from the viewpoints of two opposing Legions of Space Marines. Template:Italic is a continuation of Template:Italic and Template:Italic.

Template:As of the following future additions have been officially announced:[51]


Novellas related to the Horus Heresy that are not included in the Novel Series compilations.

Short stories

Short stories related to the Horus Heresy that are not included in the Novel Series compilations.

  • "The Kaban Project" – Graham McNeill. Originally in the Art Book Series volume [[#AB2|Template:Italic]] – December 2004[55]
  • "The Battle of Prospero" – Graham McNeill. Originally in the Art Book Series volume [[#AB3|Template:Italic]] – July 2005[56]
  • "The Dark King" – Graham McNeill. Included in a limited-edition Horus Heresy chapbook for "Games Day 2007" – October 2007[57]
  • "The Lightning Tower" – Dan Abnett. Included in the aforementioned chapbook compilation – October 2007[57]
  • "Death of a Silversmith" – Graham McNeill. Included in the limited-edition compilation Template:Italic, edited by Nick Kyme – September 2011[58]
  • "Army of One"Template:SpndRob Sanders. A story released in "e-short" (short e-book) format, celebrating the Black Library's 15-year publishing historyTemplate:SpndApril 2012[59]


  • Template:Italic – Dan Abnett; "5th anniversary edition" of Novel Series Book 1 – April 2011[60]
  • Template:Italic – Dan Abnett, Ben Counter, Graham McNeill; audio compilation of the Novel Series opening trilogy, Martyn Ellis (narrator). Includes the short story "Little Horus" by Abnett (from the Novel Series Template:Italic volume), on "exclusive bonus CD" – November 2011[61]
  • Template:Italic – Series authors; the first 17 Horus Heresy Novels in an e-book edition bundle, one of several bundle editions offered – November 2011[62]


Audio dramas

Template:As of the following future additions have been officially announced:



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