The Greater Daemons of Chaos are the most powerful daemonic threats seen on the battlefields of the Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 tabletop wargames. Standing much taller than a man, each possesses power far beyond any other Daemon of Chaos. Aligned to the four Chaos Gods, they have personalities that are directly aligned with their patron.

Great Unclean One (Nurgle)

The Greater Daemons of Nurgle (known as Stench Lords, or Lords of Plague, but best known by the name Great Unclean Ones) are colossal bloated masses unable to move at any great speed, but capable of resisting hideous damage. Many are surrounded by clouds of flies, and some possess the ability to vomit forth a tide of poisonous filth. Wielding plague flails capable of smashing a man to the ground, they are widely feared. Frequently, they possess three eyes in a triangular arrangement, echoing the Mark of Nurgle itself.

Bloodthirster (Khorne)

The Bloodthirsters of Khorne are enormous bat-winged fiends with bull-like heads, holding an Axe of Khorne in one hand and a huge metal whip in the other.The Axe is easily capable of decapitating a man, while the whip is equally hazardous. They are protected by both highly resilient armour and the unnatural powers of all Daemons. Being children of the Chaos god of war and destruction.

Lord of Change (Tzeentch)

The bird-like Lords of Change are the devious Greater Daemons of Tzeentch, who resemble giant anthropomorphic vultures. On the battlefields, they are truly fearsome when it comes to destruction at a distance, capable of scorching the ground black (and green, and pink...) with the powers of the Warp. Though incredibly cunning, great rewards await those who can out-scheme one...

Keeper of Secrets (Slaanesh)

It is doubtful if the Keepers of Secrets can be described as mimicking any life-form on planet Earth. Though they lack wings, they are fairly fast movers (on Warhammer Fantasy battlefields, at least - In 40k they move at the speed of a normal unit.). Some specimens have a vaguely horse-like head (causing a resemblance to Baphomet), while others possess a deformed, pointed mass with tentacles. Anything that looks upon the Keeper Of Secrets surrenders every last shred of their will.

Other Powers

Some forces fighting Daemonhunters in Warhammer 40000 may bring along Greater Daemons who are unaligned with the Four Dark Gods. Some of these are merely opportunistic daemons formed into a shape that mimics the gods of the 'dupe' race, while others may be the gods themselves...