Ghost is the name of a fictional character (played by Anthony Wong) in the science fiction computer game Enter the Matrix and the feature films The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions.

In Making 'Enter the Matrix', Ghost is described by the Wachowski brothers as an "ascetic Buddhist killer". A student of philosophy, he quotes and/or refers to Hume, Kierkegaard, William James, and Nietzsche. Ghost's name may be a reference to the phrase "ghost in the machine", which describes the concept of mind-body dualism.

Ghost's latest appearance has been in the MMORPG The Matrix Online, where due to copyright issues with Anthony Wong, has been completely shaven of all facial hair.

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As seen in Enter the Matrix, Ghost and Trinity refer to each other as brother and sister, as they were unplugged from the Matrix on the same day. Ghost's romantic feelings for Trinity are unrequited, since she is in love with Neo. Ghost serves on the Logos alongside his captain, Niobe, and Operator, Sparks.

Ghost is known to be the best gunner in the fleet, and the best person to have riding shotgun during a car chase. He and Niobe have some of the same parts in the game. They mostly have different sides to the story.

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