Fracture toy
Sub-group(s) Deluxe Vehicles, Female Transformers
Alternate Modes Formula-1 race car
Series Transformers

Fracture is a fictional character from the Transformers universes. She is inspired by the Gobots character Crasher. She is sometimes called "Decepticon Fracture" for trademark purposes.


Though not part of the live-action Transformers film, Fracture is featured as part of the toy line and associated comics.[1]

Dedicated to Megatron and the Decepticon cause, Fracture is a dangerous enemy. She is totally fearless, and probably a little bit crazy, as she dives directly into any battle, regardless of the odds. Although she carries a powerful negative energy blaster, she prefers to use the seismic energy dischargers on her feet to smash the surrounding earth to pieces. Any battlefield on which she walks shudders with the force of her steps.[2]

IDW Publishing


Fracture in the IDW comics

Fracture is among the Decepticons who arrive on Earth under the direction of Soundwave in Transformers: Alliance #3. She arrives in Italy and assumed the form for a Formula One race car. In issue #4 Fracture is hunted down by Ironhide and human members of N.E.S.T., who chase her until Ironhide can run her off a cliff, killing her.

Note: In the IDW comics Fracture was given a more alien styling to make her fit in more with the movie style, rather than resembling her toy.

Titan Magazines

Note: Stories from the alternate universe where Megatron won the battle for the Allspark are in italics.

Fracture appears in issue #17 of the Titan Transformers Magazine, in a story called "Return to Cybertron: Part 1." She is part of the "New Decepticons" on Cybertron led by Stockade.


  • Transformers Deluxe Deception Fracture (2008)
A Walmart exclusive black/white redeco of Classics Deluxe Mirage. According to the toy designer, this character was inspired by the GoBots character Crasher, but Hasbro's legal department was unable to secure that name.[3] The paint scheme is based on one used by a Russian F1 race team.[4]


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