Foxxy Cleopatra
Austin Powers series character
Foxxy (left) with Austin Powers (right).
Publication information
First appearance Austin Powers In Goldmember
Last appearance Austin Powers In Goldmember
Created by Mike Myers
Portrayer Beyoncé Knowles
Gender Female
Occupation FBI agent

No Title
Foxxy (left) with Austin Powers (right).

No Title

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Foxxy Cleopatra, played by Beyoncé Knowles, was the female counterpart to Austin Powers in the third Austin Powers film: Austin Powers in Goldmember.[1]

Austin Powers in Goldmember

Her character is a parody of characters in "blaxploitation" films such as Foxy Brown and Cleopatra Jones, both of which the character is named after.[2] These characters are noted for the inspiration for the film and television series Get Christie Love. She also could be a parody of the Bond girl Rosie Carver from the James Bond blaxploitation-inspired film Live and Let Die. As such, her clothing style is reminiscent of the disco era and her hair is worn in the "afro" style of the time; though she does adopt a braided dreadlock style during the scene in which she and Austin infiltrate Roboto's domain. Foxxy frequently uses the slang term "sugar", walks in a sexy manner, and shouts "Sha-zam!" when delivering blows during fights. When she has her gun aimed at a villain, she also proclaims, "You're under arrest, sugah!" which is the phrase used by "blaxploitation" police officer Christie Love. Due to her sassy nature, she is very cocky and prone to overconfidence - which often leads to opponents catching her off-guard; such as Goldmember, who manages to escape her grasp (as well as embarrass her) several times in the movie by kicking her in the face.

Like the previous film in the trilogy, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, the plot of Austin Powers in Goldmember involves time travel, with Austin being in pursuit of Doctor Evil and his accomplice, Goldmember, through time.[3] At Goldmember’s discotheque in 1975, Austin encounters Foxxy (one of Goldmember's beautiful girls) performing (singing a medley derived from a number of songs by KC and the Sunshine Band). After Foxxy completes her song, she and Austin speak through an intermediary played by Nathan Lane, a spoof of a similar scene in After the Fox.

Unlike his female offsiders (namely Vanessa Kensington and Felicity Shagwell) in the previous two Austin Powers films, however, Foxxy Cleopatra does not seduce Powers on screen, although it is clear from their conversation in Studio 69 (a parody of Studio 54) that the two characters have had a romantic liaison at some point in the past.


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