Death dealer

An armored original Death Dealer

A Death Dealer is a vampire warrior dedicated to fighting lycans (werewolves) in the Underworld mythos.


The concept of the Death Dealers was created by the first vampire Marcus, to put down the threat by his twin brother, the Lycan Elder William. However, the original batch of Death Dealers came largely from Viktor's troops during his years as a Hungarian General. Thus, Death Dealers were loyal to Viktor, instead of Marcus.


The Death Dealers were successful in capturing William, as was their original purpose, but they skirted near to treason when they threatened to fire on a protesting Marcus. Death Dealers were also crucial in tracking down the band of lycans led by Lucian.

Through the years, the Death Dealers constantly upgraded their arsenal of weapons. From silver crossbows specially effective against lycans, they used guns with bullets. Many vampires joined the Death Dealers as a sort of service, and with the fall of Lucian and the rise of decadence and complacency in the vampire covens, the vampire race was split into Death Dealer warriors and aristocratic merrymaking types.

At the time of Underworld, the Death Dealers of the Old World Coven, Ordoghaz, were led by Kahn, the weapons master. There was infighting between the Death Dealers and Kraven's team of thugs led by Soren. Whether any of the Death Dealers survived the final battle in Lucian's lair is unknown.




Template:Mainarticle Kraven briefly led the group in the first movie.


Kahn is a fictional character and a vampire portrayed by actor Robbie Gee. He was the leader of the Death Dealers in the film Underworld. He was born a human slave in the British Caribbeans possibly in the 1600s. In his 30's he was turned by an unknown vampire.

He was the weapons master of Viktor's coven. He was in charge of the Death Dealers and making new and more potent weapons. Selene came back from the shootout in the subway with the lycans UV bullets. He copied the Lycans rounds and made silver nitrate bullets that went straight into the Lycans bloodstream killing them quicker. While leading the assault on the Lycan's lair, he was killed by a Lycan soon after Selene left the pack to find Michael Corvin.

Other known members

  • Damien
  • Drago
  • Duncan
  • Istvan
  • Mason
  • Nathaniel
  • Radu
  • Rigel
  • Selene
  • Soren

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