Blinx - The Time Sweeper Coverart

Blinx in his debut game

Blinx was an anthropomorphic Cat who is the playable main character in game called "Blinx: The Time Sweeper" and its sequel.


Blinx is a cat and he is one of many time-janitors. His job, and the job of his fellow feline janitors, is clearing out the time monsters created from inequities in the time fabric. They guard over all worlds, using TimeSweepers (a fancy vacuum cleaner) to take out the trash. Things are going along dandy until the Tom-Tom Gang, a crowd of hover-bike riding pigs, starts stealing time crystals from various worlds. They even nab themselves a princess. All of this backfires as their meddling creates large-scale monster problems in world B1Q64. Players explore 10 words with 40 levels and solve puzzles by manipulating game time - pause, rewind, fast forward, slow-mo, and record.


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