Beta is the name of two fictional characters in the various Transformers universes.

Transformers: Generation 1

The gravelly-voiced Beta began existence as one of the Quintessons' many robotic slaves. She would not remain so. In the course of time she became a warrior, armed with a powerful crossbow weapon, and standing beside her partner A3 she would be a leader in the rebellion that freed Cybertron from its Quintesson masters.

Animated series

Voice actor: Susan Blu (English), Eiko Yamada (Japanese), Maria Böhme (German)

The night before the climactic battle with the Quintessons, Beta found that A3 and his Coda Remote had gone missing. With the remote's ability to override the Dark Guardians necessary for a victory, Beta went searching for her missing counterpart. Though he was nowhere to be found she did stumble across a group of strange and powerful robots that improbably also wore the slave brand. After rescuing them from a Dark Guardian, Beta secured their help in the revolt. The strange robots did their part until A3 returned, much to Beta's joy, and saved the day. Beta's fate after this is unknown.

Beast Machines

"An ancient female Autobot resistance leader" was impressed by the display of courage the Deployer Rav showed in battle and therefore provided him with a powerful energon crossbow for alternate mode.

Transformers: Timelines

Beta Maxx, Alpha Trion's tiny, enigmatic companion, has dedicated himself to discovering the reason Cybertronian life came into existence. He is presumed to have been created during the Golden Age, though the identity of his creator is unknown. Beta Maxx was constructed with a vast data-storage capacity, and his spacecraft alt-mode can be used as a Key to Vector Sigma. He is the keeper of a secret codex that can translate ancient Cybertronian texts, and he can interface with many archaic computer systems.

He can even use his alt-mode's side-cannon to beam massive amounts of raw data directly into an enemy's processors, to disabling effect. Unfortunately, his abilities can sometimes get the better of him, as taking in large amounts of data can leave him speaking in unintelligible ancient Cybertronian. Were he in battle at the time, he would find himself unable to communicate with his teammates. In such situations, however, his alt-mode's remarkable aerial maneuverability serves him well, and its front-mounted grenade pulse cannon can leave enemies quickly dismembered.

He is considered a myth or legend among most Autobots, but to Shockwave, he is instrumental in discovering the origin of Primus and Unicron.[1]

He has not appeared in any fiction.


  • Timelines Alpha Trion with Beta-Maxx (2007)
A redeco of Cybertron Vector Prime's partner Safeguard, Beta Maxx transforms into a Cybertronic "HI-TECH Star Schooner" with a gunbarrel nosecone. He was only made available in a bagged BotCon 2007 exclusive souvenir set with Alpha Trion and Weirdwolf, limited to 1400 pieces.


  1. Beta Maxx's profile in PDF form.

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