Aliens: Colonial Marines Technical Manual

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Aliens: Colonial Marines Technical Manual, written by Lee Brimmicombe-Wood and published by HarperPrism is a guide to the fictional United States Colonial Marines depicted in the film Aliens. It describes the equipment of the Colonial Marines in great detail, and contains expansive descriptions of the UD4L Cheyenne and the 'Conestoga'-class spaceships (such as the Sulaco), both featured in the film.

The manual also contains information about the organisation of the Colonial Marines, and while it attempts to stay faithful to the films it adds and expands upon a number of topics not depicted in the film, such as artillery and tanks. Often these are also commented on in-character by fictional Colonial Marines. The manual ends with a fictional series of transcripts between Weyland-Yutani employees as they discuss their theories on Alien biology and its possible exploitation.


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