Template:Mergeto Adam Malkovich is a fictional character in the Metroid video game series. He is only referred to and only appears in Metroid Fusion. Template:Spoilers Adam was Samus Aran's commanding officer during her days with the Galactic Federation Police. Little is known about this mission or about Adam himself, but Samus seems to have great respect for him. At some time during this mission, Adam died in order to save Samus. She stated in Fusion that Adam called her "Lady" on her missions and if any one else had said it, it would have sounded sarcastic.

Unbeknownst to the bounty hunter, Adam's mind was uploaded into a computer following his death. At the beginning of the game Metroid Fusion, Samus is given a computer CO. She is not aware that the computer's artificial intelligence was in fact Adam Malkovich's digitized mind. Because of the similarities she noticed between the computer and her former CO, she started privately referring to the computer as "Adam."

Later, when Samus questions her official orders and accidentally addresses the computer as "Adam," her old CO reveals himself and helps Samus devise a plan to destroy the X-infected research station, thereby extinguishing the threat posed to the universe by the X Parasites.

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